Tired of syncing your device only with one computer and one iTunes library? Here's a guide (a little iPhone hack) that will tell you how to sync iTunes with multiple computers. From now on you won't be asked about erasing your data from iDevice. This method allows to sync iTunes only with one library. If you'll try to sync with another one it will ask you to erase all the data and continue syncing. Let's name our native machine PC1, and PC2 - the second one, where we want to perform the synchronization.

Let's see how to sync iTunes with multiple computers:

Step One: On PC2 make a backup copy of “iTunes Music Library.xml” and “iTunes Music Library” (“iTunes Music Library.itl” in Windows). Step Two: Download HEX-editor Step Three: On PC1 open “iTunes Music Library.xml” with any text editor (notepad, notepad++ etc) and find “Library Persistent ID” text there. Step Four: Next to “Library Persistent ID” find and copy the key between   tags Sync iTunes With Multiple Computers Step Five: On PC2 find a replace (copy it somewhere, we'll need it soon) key #2 with key #1 Step Six: Open “iTunes Music Library” (“iTunes Music Library.itl” in Windows) with HEX-editor on PC #2 Step Seven: Find and replace key #2 with key #1 Sync iTunes With Multiple Computers 1 Step Eight: Save and close Step Nine: Launch iTunes on PC #2 and connect your phone. Step Ten: Choose “Manually manage music and videos” Step Eleven: Now you wont' be attacked by data erasing messages That method works really nice but maybe if you are one of those people who hate iTunes and its app and music syncing processes - there's a way out. You can manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without using Apple's manager and without thinking how to sync iTunes  with multiple computers at all!

Use this Soft for syncing music

1. Media Monkey (Windows) - an ultimate player and iDevice manager. 2. SharePod (Windows) -  a simple and lightweight program to perform the sync nice and easy. 3.  CopyTransManager (Windows) - free and easy to use iPdevice manager. Supports all the iPhone and iPod Touch versions on any iOS. By the way, none of those methods involve iPhone jailbreak.