The list of awesome jailbreak tweaks for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5c along with the iPad that can run the latest iOS 7 mobile operating system gets new titles. Developers create new apps and programs for Apple users. Cydia repos offer a lot of interesting tweaks that are must-have. A lot of apps cost money to download and there are many free applications that bring extra features to iOS 7 firmware gadgets. You can spend weeks and even months searching through all available apps and downloading programs that don’t work on the new OS. We dug a list of useful tools that can help iPhone and iPad owners get no-cost jailbreak apps with full iOS 7 support. Save your time and download the good projects.

Cool Jailbreak Apps for iPad and iPhone with iOS 7, 7.0.1, 7.0.2 etc.

All these programs can be downloaded for free from BigBoss repository in Cydia store. Here is the detailed list of jailbreak tweaks for iPhone 4 and other smartphone models and Apple tablets. A list of top jailbreak tweaks for iPhone 4, iPad and other iDevice models with iOS 7 firmware that are free to download. FlipControlCenter FlipControlCenter – if you wish to easier control your Control center, install this free program that brings more options for controlling toggles. JellyLock7 JellyLock7 – this program allows users adding up to 5 apps on their lock screen. It is a nice lockscreen tweak with some little extras that make life much better. IconLock7 IconLock7 – this is your opportunity to protect your apps and games from being deleted or removed by others or even you since you can protect them with a password. PassDial PassDial – you can make some phone calls from the lock screen via this iOS 7 jailbreak application. Colory0urBoardFree Colory0urBoardFree – it can make your keyboard brighter and happier by colorizing it. Unlike the paid version, this free release has some limits but it can still make your iPhone or iPad keyboard green, blue or other color. We hope you found some great programs for you in our list of free jailbreak tweaks for iPhone and iPad.