Potential iCloud account hacked happening is probably what worries iPhone users the most. Apple introduced the two-factor authentication with recovery key that can be restored in case you lose it, and a lot of users began to worry what happens if they cannot remember their key while having a smartphone blocked because of an attack. Now there is another issue you have to think about: there is a program that can bypass iCloud two step verification with ease. The software is called Phone Breaker. It was developed by Elcomsoft and has recently been updated to support the secured feature released by Apple. There is nothing to panic about yet though. Relax, since the application that can bypass your two factor authentication iCloud feature requires your login and password information. It also needs to have your recovery key so a potential hacker cannot use the program to access your iCloud account if he or she doesn’t have all the necessary credentials and code from you. Still it is useful to know that Phone Breaker exists. You have to keep your Apple ID recovery key in a safe place but don’t store it on your computer because the digital token can help hackers to get to your account. You are also advised to create a strong password for your account and change it once in a while to avoid being hacked. The software that is mostly used by law enforcements now supports all the latest ‘fruit’ devices including iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.