Here are 15 steps enables you to unlock an AT&T iPhone 4S. If it works, it will only work with the AT&T iPhone 4S. It won't work on any other worldwide GSM carriers. Also, if you don't have a T-mobile MicroSIM or a cut-down regular SIM, don’t start the process. If you want to give it a try, do so at your own risk. Also you can use this link to unlock off-contract AT&T iPhone.


Unlock AT&T iPhone 4S

Unlock Step 1: Put in unique carrier AT&T SIM card Unlock Step 2: Call 611 for AT&T iPhone 4S customer support hotline and drop the call Unlock Step 3: Start the Airplane Mode Unlock Step 4: Remove AT&T iPhone 4S SIM card Unlock Step 5: Put in T-Mobile SIM card Unlock Step 6: Make sure that WiFi is off (also touch on ‘Forget this Network” to make certain it doesn’t connect routinely later) Unlock Step 7: Turn off Airplane Mode and iPhone 4S will try to find network. This is followed by the Apple splash display appearing Unlock Step 8: Activation Required will be shown on the screen Unlock Step 9: EDGE network will start automatically - spot the ‘E’ in the top left corner in the display screen Unlock Step 10: Wait around for 20-30 seconds and switch off the AT&T iPhone 4S Unlock Step 11: Start iPhone and the exact same Activation Required display screen is going to be displayed Unlock Step 12: Once you see one signal bar, touch on Use Cellular Connection Unlock Step 13: Remove SIM card Unlock Step 14: Activation Required screen will be exhibited the second time Unlock Step 15: Insert SIM card Unlocked! That’s all! It is really easy to unlock AT&T iPhone 4S! Check out how to unlock iPhone 4S using R-SIM. But if you get stucked with iPhone 4 baseband 04.11.08 unlocking than you can check this and get the info you need. Please remember that Apple sells the GSM iPhone 4S unlocked at a starting price of $649. However the above hack will unlock your AT&T iPhone, it can simply be used on T-Mobile’s slower EDGE network in the US. Update: Or you can read about free unlocking solution for any iPhone 4S baseband developing by pod2g, famous french hacker.