There are rumors telling that if AT&T carrier unlocks your iPhone you will lose untethered jailbreak. But I can tell you that it is not true. If you are iPhone AT&T user then you must know that AT&T company had announced that they began to unlock iPhones that was using its service. I wrote about it before. Unlock from AT&T means that you can use any Sim card you need and anywhere you want. There is no need now to use only AT&T carrier. And that is good news for all that users. But there is one thing. As I wrote in the first sentence of this article that there was a chance to lose untethered jailbreak after unlock. But don't believe in that. All these are rumors and nothing at all. unlock AT&T iphone without losing untethered jailbreak So here I decided to show you how to unlock AT&T iPhone without losing untethered jailbreak. You can use my previous guide to unlock off-contract AT&T iPhone and then use this and do not lose untethered jailbreak. All you need is to download RedSn0w and follow my guide.

How To Unlock AT&T iPhone without Losing Jailbreak | Untethered

Step 1. Download RedSn0w 0.9.10b6 for Mac or Windows here. Step 2. Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to the Mac or PC and then open RedSn0w Step 3. Now press Jailbreak button and it will connect your phone in a normal state. unlock AT&T iphone Step 4. RedSn0w must recognize your gadget so enter in the DFU mode. There will be instructions how to do that but you can also read this:
  • Hold Home Button together with Power button for 10 secs
  • Release Power button and hold Home button for 15-25 secs. And then your iPhone display turn back
unlock AT&T iphone 2 Step 5. When RedSn0w finishes functioning your iPhone will be deactivated. Step 6. After your iPhone became activated remove Sim card and switch it on back. Step 7. Now turn your iPhone on and connect to iTunes. Insert your Sim card If all was done correctly you would receive from iTunes unlock message which meaned that your AT&T iPhone unlocked and you didn't lose your untethered jailbreak. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter and receive all latest updates regarding iPhone and unlocking exploits for it. Also you can say or ask something on the comment form bellow about this AT&T unlock without losing untethered jailbreak.