And let’s talk about iPhone 4 baseband unlock again. While all this waiting time you might have a question: Why don’t we see unlocking solution for iPhone 4 baseband so long? So I decided to write you why. There a lot of unlocking solutions for iPhone 4 exist today. Some of them work and others don’t. But there is the one that can’t be unlocked for 6 months. ThreadX Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband As you guessed it was unlock for 04.11.08 baseband. This notorious baseband puzzles over all unlockers. As for me my iPhone 4 is on 04.11.08 baseband and I’m waiting for unlock too. You might hear about React0r but it was a fake. Don’t even try it because the patch that asked to be downloaded for unlock is a virus. Also you might hear about Sherif Hashim unlock. He is trying to develop solution for this baseband but we are still waiting. I send a tweet to him about the time of release but he didn’t retweeted me.

But why it is so hard

As was tweeted by Veeence, the main reason was that iPhone 4 baseband worked with ThreadX. Because of this, it is very difficult to find an exploit that can hack this baseband. That is why we are waiting for this unlock so many time. ThreadX Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband is a real-time operating system (RTOS) which was developed by Expres Logic Ink and uses various threads to run various modules and operations. Also ThreadX uses multitasking kernel with advance scheduling, good memory management and fast interrupt response. After successfully unlocked iPhones Apple company decided to use ThreadX on iPhone 4. And that was the main reason of failure unlocking tools because kernel of this RTOS is very hard to hack. It is very hard to develop an exploit that can unlock baseband on iPhone 4. So hope for unlock community and Ultrasn0w. I think that it is not long to wait. Also you can try some paid hardware-based unlock solutions as R-sim 4 (which will come in a 5 days) or Gevey sim. And remember that you can leave you comment below and tell us what do you think about all this.