Rather than waiting for free Ultrasn0w unlock for the iPhone 4S, it is better to buy R-SIM (SIM interposer) in order to unlock iPhone 4S basebands on iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.0. R-SIM is another Turbo SIM Card that can unlock your device and allows you to use it on any suitable GSM network worldwide. R-Sim card isn't suitable for 3G network at the moment. GPRS works perfectly, however. R-SIM doesn't require to jailbreak your iPhone 4S as well as change the normal SIM card. There is no need to cut the SIM card. Simply insert the SIM card and then insert the R-SIM in your iPhone. After that, select your country and provider. unlock iPhone 4S Using R-SIM Tips on how to use R-SIM to unlock iPhone 4S There're 2 ways to unlock baseband of your iDevice - first is Manual mode and second is *Auto mode. You will find here each of these modes which will help you to unlock your iPhone 4S. If one of them fails, another one will work. Manual Mode (Enter 112 Mode) 1. Turn on your device and insert the R-Sim in SIM tray along with the R-Sim interposer plus unofficial SIM into the phone. 2. Then wait until the phone icon turned from light green to green. 3. Get into the phone setting menu in order to check the STK applications menu like down below (Settings => Phone => SIM Applications.) r-sim unlock iphone 4s4. Simply click “Country & Operators” option and choose your carrier operator. The card will show the provider such as AT&T automatically. r-sim 5. Then click on the return back to the previous screen (SIM Applications). 6. Click on the first one “ENTER 112 Mode” and back to the main menu. 7. Now wait for the Message Window to prompt and then click on “Accept”. Wait for 3-5 seconds and then dial 112. After connected, don't hang up. Try to slowly take out the SIM card, and then push the SIM card back to your iPhone again. Wait for the iPhone to hang-up itself or just hang-up when you see the “no service” on top left screen. 8. After that wait for the searching the service provider of your phone. In case the top left shows the message “No Service”, keep waiting till the phone service provider’s name appears. After that the manual setup is done. You can use your iPhone now. *Auto Mode 1. Follow Step 1-3 as listed above. 2. Choose the operator then select “*Auto Mode”. Turn off your iPhone 4S. unlock iPhone 4S Using R-SIM 3. Turn on the device and wait for the Unlock iPhone Message Window prompt. After that click on “ACCEPT”, and wait 5 seconds, Dial 112. When calling 112, take out the SIM card. Simply click “Yes” when messages appear, and then put SIM card in, after which end this call. 4. Next just wait a minute, iPhone unlocks succeed!!! So, now you know how to unlock your iPhone 4S using R-SIM. But remember that this does not work to unlock iPhone 4. Only iPhone 4S!