Two day s ago I wrote the news that AT&T company was going to unlock iPhones for owners who had fulfilled their contracts or paid an early termination fee. If you are the one of them then you can easily unlock your off-contract AT&T iPhone and use any Sim card everywhere. And this really have happened. So now you can easily to do it. But how to do it if you don't know? Actually there are three ways to do it. First you can phone to the AT&T technical support. The second, you can go to the AT&T store and consult with workers. But there is the third way that you can try without calling to this provider or go outside to look the store. You can unlock AT&T iPhone using online chat. unlock off-contract at&t iphone Therefore I decided to write you how-to guide to perform off-contract AT&T iPhone unlock quickly. It can take near 15 minutes. Just follow these steps and enjoy your unlocked device. If your iPhone is on 04.11.08 baseband and you bought it in ebay or from a person that paid an early termination fee you could also unlock it with AT&T.

How to unlock off-contract AT&T iPhone

Note: Type the all details correctly and attentively. Step 1. Go to Settings=> General=> About=> find your IMEI Step 2. Now go to AT&T support page, login using your AT&T account and click "Chat Now" Step 3. Fill out the AT&T chart form with real info. Step 4. Next in the chart form just type "I want to unlock my iPhone" and click start chat. Step 5. After all that you need to explain why you want to unlock your phone and give to the representative your IMEI number. This is needed to check if your phone is appropriate for unlock. Step 6. If everything is right the representative will ask you for email to provide you with further unlock details. So type your email correctly. And you afraid that you will lose your untethered jailbreak then don't worry. Just read this guide and enjoy your unlocked phone. And that's it what was needed from you. So wait Apple send you (on your email) the unlock code during 72 hours. The code originates from the mothership, not from AT&T. When Apple finishes the unlock request, you should back-up and restore and tether and use iTunes to perform the unlock process and get possibility to use any Sim. So leave your comments below concerning what do you think about this. There is definitely good for AT&T but don't you think that it is too late because there are people who don't want to use AT&T service any more?