iOS 9.3 secure Notes feature is a coold way to protect your personal notes on iPhone. It is possible to lock / unlock notes one by one. This is a security feature that is not available in earlier iOS versions. We’ve told you how to lock your notes after updating to iOS 9.3 on iPhone. We’ll explain how you can remove lock on note and unlock your notes. This is also simple and fast. How to Unlock Lock Note iOS 9.3 Notes

How to Unlock Notes iOS 9.3 iPhone Guide

Step 1. You can see that the note is locked on the Lock icon on the top. Remember that even secured notes can be still accessible unless you lock the notes by clicking on the Lock icon. Step 2. In order to unlock notes you should enter the password you have chosen. Another way to unlock them is to scan finger taking advantage of Touch ID. How to Remove Lock Notes iOS 9.3 Step 3. If you wish to remove the lock on notes you should open the note, unlock it and choose Share – Remove Lock option. Step 4. This way you’ll remove the lock. It’s not necessary to enter any passwords any more. Secured notes is a cool feature presented in iOS 9.3 firmware. All your locked notes are not shown on the mac Notes program. Apple would soon update it and the feature will be available soon. Right now Apple has many things to take care of. The company has officially presented the new iPhone SE and iPad Pro. Users will see the new devices in the end of March and early April depending on the country.