At first there was a big Apple Watch interest from customers and developers. Apple presented its wearable over a year ago. There were tons of new applications for Apple Watch with iPhone support back then but now things are changing. We don’t say there is no interest in Apple Watch from developers. They still create programs however the number of new wearable apps is not that high and doesn’t grow that fast. In fact it’s getting lower. Apple Watch No Interest 2016 Just think about this. Developers release thousands of iOS applications. However for every 1,000 apps created for iPhones and iPads there is only one Apple Watch app. Such information comes from Realm source that is focused on mobile data. Why did this happen? There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, there is no Apple Watch 2 update in 2016 so far. Apple might prepare the release closer to Christmas time or postpone it for 2017. Secondly, most Apple Watch applications work as companions to your iPhone. Thus it’s hard to make much money selling them. Besides, users seem to be more interested in Apple TV and are still in love with iPhones and iPads. This makes developers also focus on popular ‘fruit’ devices and pay less attention to the Apple Watch. Maybe one day the company will improve its wearable and make it a more digital innovative device to attract customers and make them want the smartwatch alone, without the need to pair it with the handset. There are also rumors that Apple could annonce the Watch 2 model during WWDC 2016. If this happens developers could pay more attention to the Apple Watch apps in the next several months.