According to recent reports Apple company has added to iMessage verification code and to Facetime. As it is known, two-step authentication has become a standard for many users securing their accounts, so much so that even the iCloud website gained the ability to add the extra security step in middle 2014. From now when you want to sing into one of the above mentioned services you will be prompt the necessary inclusion of an access verification code from another device. Of course, this option will only work with accounts that have got the two-step verification process tired. The reports is talking about that this additional option added to FaceTime and iMessage security is still rolling out, although the process may take some time to be completed. So as you have understood that at recent time when you will try to log into either one of these services, even with an account set up with two-step authentication, it will not prompt the necessary input of an access verification code to pass. The two-factor authorization option requires attackers have to pass not just your username and password to access your data, but also a second special code. After it will be activated iMessage verification code, users will sign in with their Apple ID and then be asked to verify their identity by using the second security code, or enabling access from another iPhone or Mac. iMessage verification code It is the first time when Apple protects data within specific apps. Follow these steps to setup two-factor authentication on your account: Step 1. Navigate to My Apple ID. Step 2. Now select Manage your Apple ID and then sign in. Step 3. Select Password and then Security. Step 4. Under Two-Step Verification, please select Get Started and here follow the onscreen instructions.