RecognizeMe Cydia app was the first app to bring facial recognition for all our jailbroken iOS devices. It was launched in the month of May last year and was like a beta version. It did work and offered extra security to your iOS device, but had defects and was very slow. Also, back then, it wasn’t created for iOS 5 and nor did it work correctly on all devices. Till now! RecognizeMe 2.0 app is an updated to the version which getting support for iOS 5 devices such as iPhone 4/4S, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 4G/3G those having front facing camera in-built.


RecognizeMe 2.0 Cydia tweak works together with all iOS devices which have a front facing camera, on iOS 4 or iOS 5. It sits on the lock screen where you enter your password as a neat alternative to use your face as your password! Simply train RecognizeMe’s facial recognition with your face using the included app, then secure your phone with a lock screen passcode, and you’re good to go! Core Image face detection added for devices running iOS 5. This vastly improves detection time which in turns improves overall recognition success rate and speed.

What you'll get with RecognizeMe 2.0 version?

  • The addition of new animations to allow the user to actually see how the tweak recognizes your face.
  • Changes made to the facial recognition algorithm for better matching.
  • Drastic speed improvements which was one of the problems with the first version.
  • Added auto start on unlock feature which negates the need to manually select to use the facial detection.
  • Improved clarity of incoming camera stream across all devices.
  • The obligatory UI changes and amendments.
You can obtain RecognizeMe 2.0 Cydia app from the BigBoss repo for $2.99. Keep in mind, this only works with iOS devices that have a front facing camera and that are jailbroken.