iOS 8 concept by Bill Labus can be installed on current iPhone and iPad models with the help of curious iOS 7 Cydia apps. The jailbreak tweak known as Vertex gives you an idea what the next version of iDevice firmware could be like. We will not see iOS 8 release till summer or fall. Experts give their visions of this system, and developers of Vertex promises to give you all the features offered in the concept of the next iOS 8. Vertex iOS 7 Cydia JB Vertex is pretty popular in the jailbreak community. Users with jailbroken devices like to download different iOS 7 Cydia themes, applications and tweaks to improve their iPhone 4S, 5 and other models along with the iPad. This application can be already called on the top iOS 7 Cydia tweaks for better switcher experience. It is similar to Zephyr which was also of high demand among users. You get to easily control your device with swipe-up gestures. The gesture lets you use the app switcher through control center and apps. This is similar to iOS 8 ideas with Control Center being merged with application switcher. The tweak offers slight improvements to your Notification Center as well. People can get a hold of the powerful jailbreak app for iOS 7 devices with concept iOS 8 features from Cydia store BigBoss repo for $1.49. It supports both iPhone and iPad adding a single gesture for controlling your apps and games. Vertex has become one of the best iOS 7 Cydia jailbreak applications with iOS 8 concept and new mission control for iPhone and iPad.