You have tons of MKV and AVI videos which you want to watch on your iPad? Yes, this is quite a familiar situation. The official way to watch MKV and AVI videos on the iPad is to use an app in order to convert them to Apple's supported format - MPEG-4 H.264 - and after that copy them to the iDevice using iTunes. However transcoding video from one format to another usually takes hours, depending on how fast your PC is, and moving them using the iTunes interface is difficult. While there are lots of different ways on how to watch MKV and AVI videos on the iPad, you can try the Air Video app. The concept behind Air Video is very simple. This smart and not expensive application allows you to stream video from your computer to your Apple device quickly and with minimal effort. watch avi and mkv videos on the ipad Moreover, as it works over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks, it is possible to stream movies almost anywhere. And the best about this app is that there is a free version (Air Video Free) that allows you to try all of Air Video’s features but limits the number of videos you can access. Another great way to watch MKV and AVI videos on the iPad is to use Handbrake. Handbrake is an amazing program which you can use to convert digital movies from one format to another. It doesn't decrypt commercial DVDs or Blu-ray disks, but it is possible to use third-party DVD decryption software to help Handbrake with the conversion process to the .avi file. Avi files can be moved with you and watched on your computer, taking up less space and also letting you leave the DVDs at home. CineXPlayer converter apps for ipad Handbrake app has a preset for iPad. With 64 bit Handbrake on my MacBook it converts very quickly. I even rip my DVDs that I have. You need to install a library for unlocking DVDs but Handbrake app requires you to do that. The app works really great. Certainly, you need to transfer by using USB. And one more widely used app that can help you to watch MKV and AVI videos on the iPad is CineXPlayer. CineXPLayer plays your MKV and AVI videos on the iPad without any hassle converting the videos to play in iTunes. No streaming, no conversion and, best of all, the application is totally free. You just download the application and add the videos from the iPad App menu in iTunes. Then videos are copied in the /var/mobile/xxx-app-folder/documents/ directory. It is definitely an awesome free iPad app.