Apple presented new iOS 9.3.2 which is meant to fix some previous bugs on iPhone and other iDevices. Still it loos like there are new iOS 9.3.2 bugs that cause unpleasant issues for many Apple customers. Some iPad Pro users currently experience error 56 bug. The iPad Pro brick issue worries some 9.7-inch iPad Pro users. They receive iPad Pro error 56 right after installing iOS 9.3.2 firmware update on their tablet device. There are several similar error reports from the Cupertino-based company’s fans and consumers. iPad Pro Brick Error 56 iOS 9.3.2 Update Mostly these are users who have iPad Pro with 9.7-inch screen. They install iOS 9.3.2 just like millions of other people do however their result upsets them because their gadgets become inaccessible. When you have a brick iPad Pro you cannot use it. The brick problem is followed by Error 56 message. The same notification asks iPad Pro owners to connect to iTunes to continue. However this doesn’t fix the bug. Even if you connet to your computer and launch iTunes your iPad Pro will stay bricked. It is impossible to update or restore the device as the Error 56 causes endless loop problem. iOS 9.3.2 installation surely fails. According to Apple, the Error 56 is related to hardware problems. The company asks such owners to install the most recent firmware version however it’s the latest iOS that causes this bug. If you try to restore or update to iOS 9.3.2 and get iPad Pro brick you need to contact Apple Support for some help.