Are you planning to buy iPhone SE? This 4-inch smartphone is very popular in China and there are many U.S. customers who wish to get the replacement for older iPhone 5s. There are four major carriers you can choose from if you have no plans to purchase newest iPhone SE model at full price directly from Apple. For example, you can get iPhone SE carrier Sprint, choose T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon. AT&T recently raised upgrade fee for its subscribers so you’ll have to pay more if you wish to upgrade this handset from this network. iPhone SE Network Choose Carrier You can choose iPhone SE network Verizon. It boasts great coverage and it’s the most expensive U.S. carrier. If you are not looking for cheaper data plans you should not get Verizon iDevice. Of be ready to pay $45 a month for 3GB plan, $60 per month for 6GB plan and $80-$100 for extra packages. T-Mobile doesn’t charge you any fees for upgrading your iPhone to iPhone SE. This is one of the most affordable networks in the United States. For example, unlimited 4G data plan costs $95 a month. You can rollover data you haven’t used if you subscribe to Simple Choice plan. There are other interesting plans you can get with this network. Sprint iPhone SE purchase can also offer affordable data plans. The unlimited 1GB data plan costs $20 a month and 24GB plan costs $80 per month. There are different networks that offer unlimited packages for users. If you don’t need an ordinary data allotment you can always choose more expensive plans for your iPhone SE or other smartphone model.