iOS 9.1 is the latest iOS 9 firmware version that can be jailbroken with Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.1. All iPhones and iPads that are running iOS 9.2 and newer Apple mobile operating systems are currently non-jailbreakable and this is the reason why users could be afraid to install new tweaks. Any bad tweak can cause iPhone restore to iOS 9.3.2 that cannot be untethered at the moment. Luckily new iOS 9.1 semi restore tool is officially released. What is SemiRestore? This is a well-known program created by CoolStar dev specifically for jailbroken gadgets. Using semi restore iOS 9.1 program you get a chance of successfully and painlessly restoring a jailbroken iPhone and your jailbreak will remain active. It’s an awesome solution when you are still running older firmware and are jailbroken while newer firmware versions cannot be untethered. iOS 9.1 Semi Restore iPhone iPad Release The SemiRestore program supports all jailbroken mobile firmwares starting from iOS 5 and up to iOS 9.1 [including this version]. You can restore iOS 9.1 without losing jailbreak when you face reboot loop program, get a buggy tweak or coming across another program that wishes to force restore your iPhone to the most recent public Apple firmware version [which is iOS 9.3.2 release now]. When you choose to semi restore all your tweaks will be removed and thus no bad tweak can harm your jailbroken iPhone. To use SemiRestore you should install OpenSSH on the iDevice [learn how to change root password on iPhone to prevent third-party users and companies from accessing handset remotely]. iOS 9.1 semi restore option is supported by Windows PCs only. The Mac version hasn’t been released yet.