Apple has plans to let iPhone users unlock Mac with Touch ID. This is the fingerprint security option that is used for numerous reasons. The feature could be brought to OS X 10.12 operating system version. What can happen if you unlock Mac with iPhone fingerprint without any issues? Should it be an interesting opportunity for ‘fruit’ customers? There are rumors about Apple updating its OS X 10.12 with improved features and packaging the operating system with additional things users might find interesting and useful. Unlock Mac with iPhone Touch ID Right now you cannot unlock Mac with Touch ID using Apple default system. But once this becomes a real opportunity you’ll just have to use Touch ID and unlock desktop machine with the help of iPhone. Would you like to unlock Mac with iPhone fingerprint? It’s currently not clear if Apple has plans to fully integrate Touch ID option to its future Macs or let users do this with the iPhone only. We might see some concept ideas of Macs with Touch ID. Apple might be thinking of a way how to bring unlock option to Mac to popularize its computers along with the iPhones. Modern handsets created by ‘fruit’ company are extremely popular in China, India and are known across the world. Macs are not as popular compared to other computers sold out there and the Cupertino-based giant could find a way how to change it. Of course, it could take years before Touch ID sensor is added to Mac machines. Meawhile OS X 10.12 update can add changes to support iPhone unlocking option. This is a step towards innovation, isn’t it?