Alfred App Tips and Useful Tricks

Do you like to use Alfred app to launch iPhone apps? Would you like to discover some awesome Alfred instructions that will improve your experience with it and share some of the interesting features you might have missed before? Alfred is designed for much more than just launching iPhone applications from Mac.

What great techniques can it offer you? They are described right after the jump and you can get most of them with the free app version.

Alfred App Review

Firstly, you can use Alfred app for Mac as a calculator. You need to open the program and type a calculation. Users who wish to get advance calculator [for example, you wish to figure out =sin(21)] need to go to Preferences. Are you there? Indicate “Enable advanced calculator with keyword ‘=’” and you’ll be able to do the task. Also you can use Alfred app snippets manager like yo need.

alfred app tips and tricksSecondly, Alfred app lets you define words as if you were using OS X Dictionary. You just have to type “define word” [you can also use “spell word” command] to get a definition or word suggestion.

Thirdly, it is possible to control various options using this program. You can empty the trash, shut down your computer, start the screensaver etc.

Fourthly, the application gives you a possibility to open Google sears query by typing your search and hitting Alt+Enter or create an automatic search query by going to Preferences and replacing the search query with {query} in the URL.

More Alfred App Tips

There are also extra Powerpack features that are not free to get, but they are worth their price. Here come Alfred app instructions for users who want to get more out of their application.

alfredFirstly, you can quickly send emails. Type “email” and add the first letters of your contact and you will be able to write a message in a default client. Need to attach a file to your email? Type “Find” and add the name of your attachment. Press on the right arrow and choose “Email to” with the first letters of your contact following. Press on return key and your message will be sent.

Secondly, you can copy entries to the clipboard and not worry that something could be accidentally overwritten. Alfred gives a great way for storing snippets and letting you select phrases and sentences with a few keystrokes.

Thirdly, you can do various actions [delete the file, email it or move from one place to another] after you locate the file through “find filename” command and press the right arrow.

alfred app iphoneFourthly, Alfred lets you control iTunes by typing “iTunes” and choosing “Show the iTunes Mini Player” option. You get various options from searching for artists to rating songs. Here are some useful commands for playing and pausing files. Use “Alt + Cmd + down arrow” to choose previous songs and “Alt + Cmd + Left/right arrow” to select next tracks on the playlist.

At last, you can quickly open recent documents. To do so, type the document name in question and press on the right arrow to choose “Recent Documents.”

We hope that you find these Alfred app tips and tricks useful.

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