Awesome Alfred App Snippets Manager [How to Use Guide]

There are a lot of secret tips and tricks up Alfred’s sleeves. Alfred is a free application for Mac OS X that can do all-around work for you, including the help for launching your files and doing your searches. Previously I showed you how to use Alfred app on Mac to launch apps on iPhone and now I’d show you how to use Alfred app snippets to manage built-in text and adding new snippets that can be very helpful to all Mac users.

This guide will explain how you can use some of Alfred app snippets features. They are clever to explore and use on practice. Hopefully we can teach you something new about this program in case you have overlooked some of the options available for your Mac device.

Alfred’s Snippet-Replacement Features

At first I must stress one important thing. Alfred app snippets are good to you only in case your text-snippeting needs are not very demanding. This program is one of the best apps. If your tasks are too difficult, you should better choose an alternative to this Mac application since there are a lot of other dedicated snippet programs, for example Type It 4 Me and TextExpander.

Go to Preferences pane when you wish to start using Alfred app snippets and choose Features in the toolbar. You will see a long list of available features. It will appear on the left. Go through this list and select Clipboard. This is where you will find Snippets. Do you see them among the 4 sub-tabs? Click on them now.

Mac owners who want to add a new snippet should press the “+” at the list’s bottom. Alfred will give you fields to fill out. Add your snippet text and the text trigger, and this feature will be activated.

Using Your Text Clips

If you are the person who uses about 15-25 text clips, Alfred is your choice. You can create your list of snippets and call them up by selecting “viewer hotkey” [it is available when you activate the app’s command window]. For example you can set it to Command + Option + C.

Alfred can also use your snippets keyword. You can type it in the text box that is located below your list of snippets. You can download Alfred app here and enjoy its snippets.

What do you think about this free snippets manager? Do you like it or not? Also you can download Hurricane Sandy iPhone apps and track the storm.

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