Top iPhone Email Apps You Must Have in 2016

Is there too many emails in your box? Is it cluttered with all the email subscriptions you could possibly get? The list of iPhone email apps 2016 has some titles that will help you organize your newsletters and read only what you want to read.

Take a look at the three useful iOS 9 applications you can download and install right away. This will really improve your email experience and clear your inbox from all the subscriptions while you’ll still be getting them and even choosing what to read.

iPhone Email Apps iOS 9 2016 Top List

Top iPhone Email Apps 2016

1. MyBlend iPhone Email App

This iOS 9 app is also great for email subscriptions. This tool shows you the list of all most recent posts from subscriptions you created. It might take some time to adjust this program however then it becomes very easy and fast to view the stories while having an organized personal email.

2. Mlist iPhone Email App

Mlist is an interesting iOS 9 application you can use. When you sign up for this tool you’ll get an email id. You can subscribe to different newsletters using your given personal email ID [] and you’ll get all your subscriptions in mlist application and not your regular inbox. This is a great tool for reaching newsletters.

3. Snack iPhone Email App

This tool can help you create a single feed with letters from e-commerce websites and similar tools. It won’t exactly organize your newsletters but it also helps creating subscriptions and saving emails for read-later-on.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 9 – 9.1 you can search Cydia store for other email subscription solutions.


What Nintendo Games Work on iPhone?

Can you play Nintendo games on iPhone 6 without any additional devices? Nintendo is truly creating iOS games for Apple mobile devices. What Nintendo games work on iPhone? Well, fans of this company can’t wait to see Mario iPhone game. Will it be released?

According to reports, Nintendo games for iPhone 6 include Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. Unfortunately there is no work about Super Mario becoming official iOS 9 or iOS 10 game. The franchise is only bringing other titles not as popular as Super Mario, at least for Mario fans. The lovable plumber is still a dream of millions of users.

iPhone Nintendo Games 2016

Of course, both Nintendo Games for iPhone 6 [Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing] are very popular. They also have over million fans across the world. This is the reason why the company is updating them to support iOS platform. Still there are many users who wish to see Zelda and Mario games instead.
The release date is not confirmed. No one can tell you when exactly Nintendo is planning to offer iOS games [you can also use Nintendo iOS emulator]. The company has been promising iPhone games for a while but haven’t presented anything officially yet.

A month ago Nintedo brought its first iOS game Miitomo and it became extremely popular in Japan reading over million downloads in just 3 days. No wonder users are waiting for other games to be presented for Apple gadgets.

We might see them released sometime this year or next year. Why not?


Download VLC Remote for Free: iPhone App at No Cost for Limited Time

The VLC Remote tool has become free to download [learn how to enable iOS 9 Emoticons]. This app used to cost $4.99 but you have a chance to download free VLC Remote iPhone app that also works on Apple Watch and iPad right now. The popular application is available at no cost for limited time.

Why would you need the free VLC Remote app for iPhone or other iDevice? It helps you control playback on VLC media player on Apple TV, OS X or Windows computer. It should be easy to control everything right from your wrist. You’ll get fast forward, play, volume, pause and equalizer control. There are many features you get with the app.

VLC Player Free iPhone iOS 9

Users who choose the free VLC Remote iPhone app while it is free will get a list of options. What can be simpler than controlling your VLC from sofa? Wouldn’t you like to get full DVD controls, enjoy graphical equalizer and cover art, support Apple Watch [Apple would soon bring Apple Watch 2 version], find VLC players by automatically scanning local network.

The popular media player supports different computers. Both Mac and Windows users can use it if they have official VLC client installed on their machine. Other media players ill not work.

The app is easy to set up. The helper included into the program will guide you through installation process. The universal tool for iOS 9 iPhone and iPad allows controlling audio tracks, aspect ratio, subtitles, delays, fullscreen, playlists etc.

Remember that the free deal won’t last forever.


Fun iOS 9 iPhone Apps Icon Jailbreak Tweaks with Gravitation Effect

It’s fun to use exclusive effects on your iPhone. Having a jailbroken iOS 9 smartphone gives you some advantage. For example, you can look at different iPhone apps icon jailbreak tweaks and find new titles that add interesting features and customize the smartphone. You can also find some free iPhone games of 2016 and have some fun.

There is a program similar to Graviboard. This new iOS 9 jailbreak tweak Gravitation offers the same effect and brings it to your Home screen application icons. The effect is activated when you shake the iDevice. What will you see? The iOS 9 app icons will simply fall to the display’s bottom.

iPhone App Icon Gravitation Effect iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

The effect is fun. Your app icons will move on your iPhone screen when you tilt the gadget. You can enjoy the Home screen look with ‘alive’ icons. The tweak can be invoked with a gesture since the tweak supports Activator.

The jailbreaking app supports both iOS 9 and iOS 8. It’s not a free iOS Cydia tweak [here is how to jailbreak iOS 9 firmware]. Devs want you to pay $0.99 for downloading and using it. The application can be found on BigBoss repository.

When you wish to turn off the gravity effect you should click your Home screen button. This way all app icons will return to their original place as if nothing happened. The icons will be still once again.

The tweak comes with the preference pane. Go to Settings and you’ll be able to configure the program. Turn it on or turn it off. There are other features you can use. For example you can hide application labels, explode animation and enable / disable the launch of applications. You can decide on the amount of bounciness and gravity you wish to see on your iPhone.

There are other great jailbreak tweaks you find on Cydia and explore.


Free iPhone Games to Download in 2016 for iPhone, iPad

There are tons of applications and games you can download on iPhone and iPad. A lot of users are willing to pay $0.99 and more for an interesting iOS 9 program. Still there are some free iPhone games 2016 you can get right now. There are brand new titles that can be interesting and fun to take a look at.

All these games are rather nice. Even if you don’t like a game you risk nothing. Free applications are always nice to test and you might even enjoy them more than the paid staff you download, right?

Free iPhone Games Download List for 2016

*All is Lost has simple controls. This fast paced app makes you wish to escape from the spaceship as it is about to self destruct. Are you ready to win this free iOS 9 game?

All is Lost Free iOS 9 Game for iPhone

*OK K.O. is a free iOS 9 game that has nice cartoon graphics. You have to fight and run and save others. You need to rebuild the town. This is not the easiest task. You should be entertained and not even pay attention to time.

OK K.O. Free iOS 9 iPhone Game

*Hop Shot makes you score while you are jumping from platform to platform. You should note that these platforms will challenged you by moving around in different directions.

Hop Shot Free iPhone iOS 9 Game

*BattleHand is the free game for iPhone users who like strategies. You are a wizard. You know some spells but you have to become stronger. You’ll have enemies so try to win this game.

BattleHand Free iPhone Game iOS 9

*Dofus Pogo is another fun game you can get at no cost. Through small creatures into your enemies and save the big egg. It’s a really nice title.

Dofus Pogo iOS 9 Free Game iPhone

Do you like to explore free iOS 9 games on your iPhone and iPad?


You Can Hide Stock Apps on iOS 9 Without Having to Jailbreak iOS 9.3

Apple is testing iOS 9.3 beta which is available to developers and public beta testers in January. This update brings some minor changes that make a nice addition to popular mobile firmware offered by the well-known Cupertino-based company. For example, you can remove stock apps from iPhone on iOS 9 without jailbreaking.

Previously you could hide stocks apps iOS 9 using Cydia jailbreak tweaks. At the same time, iOS 9.2 and beta iOS 9.3 versions cannot be jailbroken. Hackers are still searching for exploits to untether these versions. Still users who are planning to upgrade to iOS 9.3 once it becomes public will be able to hide stock iPhone apps without jailbreak. Are you curious to learn more about these update?

iOS 9.3 Features

Hide Apps on iOS 9 [iOS 9.3 Beta]

Since the operating system is not available to public [you can still try to search for direct iOS 9.3 beta ipsw download links and update, however this version is buggy right now and can cause errors and problems no your iPhone] you’ll have to wait for the official release.

Apple seems to add the possibility to hide applications on iOS 9 without any additional tricks. This should be default option and all users will be able to take full advantage of it.

If you really need to hide stock programs right now on earlier iOS 9 version you have to be jailbroken. Only Cydia tweaks make this possible. You can use Apple Configurator or similar programs to manually hide applications you don’t want to see on your gadget.


How to Block Automatic Updates on iOS 9 for App Store Apps

You can easily stop updates from App Store if they annoy you. It is possible to do this for particular titles only. If you are running iOS 9 and have a jailbroken smartphone you can follow the guide below and enjoy getting less frustrate on your iPhone.

Not all iOS versions can be jailbroken. For example, you can jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 using Pangu tool for Windows but you are not ableto jailbreak iOS 9.1 or 9.2. Apple is testing iOS 9.3 already and while you can compare iOS 9.2 vs iOS 9.3 based on speed test you are not able to jailbreak the most recent beta firmware version yet.

Block App Store App Updates on iOS 9 iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

How to Block Automatic Updates iOS 9 Instruction

Step 1. Make sure you have Cydia on your iPhone. This means you are jailbroken.

Step 2. Download App Admin program from and install on your smartphone.

Step 3. This is a popular tool that allows downgrading apps from the App Store and now block some programs from being automatically updated.

Step 4. Open App Store program. Choose Updates Available menu and click on Update option next to the application you wish to block from updating [here is how to downgrade iOS 9 app to previous version using the same cool App Admin jailbreakable tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch]. Select Block All Updates feature for this app and it will be no longer upgraded on your iOS 9 iPhone.

Step 5. If you ever want to unblock the updates option you can click on Blocked option [find it in the top left corner] and swipe the application to the left. You’ll be able to select Delete option and the application will appear in Updates Available section once again.

The tweak removes applications you have blocked from Updates Available list on your device.


How to Downgrade iPhone App to Older iOS Firmware Version

Isn’t it amazing to downgrade to previous iOS versions whenever you want to? This is a dream of most jailbreakers who get upset when the latest mobile firmware for iPhone cannot be jailbroken and Apple doesn’t sign the previous version which makes it impossible to downgrade.

There is a new jailbreak tweak for iDevices that simplifies the procedure and allows downgrading your applications on the jailbroken iDevice [it is also possible to downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1 on some gadgets]. Unfortunately, this guide doesn’t tell you how to downgrade iPhone to older iOS firmware but it explains how you can downgrade your applications to previous releases which is also nice.

Downgrade iPhone 6s iOS 9 Apps Jailbreak Tweak

How to Downgrade Apps on iPhone After Jailbreak

Step 1. You need to download App Admin tweak which is available after you add source to Cydia and then search for this title.

Step 2. Install the program on your jailbroken iPhone.

Step 3. When you update your apps and find newer version not as stable as older release you can downgrade the app using App Admin tool.

Step 4. It takes only a couple of minutes to successfully downgrade. The program has a list of all available app version so you are able to choose the particular one you want to use.

Step 5. Go to App Store and find the application you wish to downgrade. You have to look in the Updates menu. Click on Update / Open / Download button and the iOS 9 jailbreak tweak will prompt you to downgrade it to earlier version. Choose the version from the list or enter it manually by tapping on the ‘Plus’ option. The app will be downgraded as soon as you select the package version. This works for all App Store programs even though you are jailbroken.

This is a very fast and simple method of downgrading applications to more stable earlier releases on the iPhone. But it works only on iOS 9 – 9.0.2 and earlier firmwares because the most recent iOS 9.1 and 9.2 are currently non-jailbreakable.


iPhone Update App Store Instruction to Force Refresh and Fix Bugs

Sometimes you experience bugs with App Store on your iPhone. For example, you have successfully update the program and then you find out that the App Store displays the app as Pending Updates one while there is no longer ‘Update’ option available. You can force update App Store to fix this problem.

The guide is fast and simple. You can solve the issues not by forcing to close your App Store as this doesn’t help most users but with force refreshing it. Here is what you need to do.

Force Update App Store on iPhone How To Guide

How to Force Refresh iPhone Update App Store Guide

Step 1. If you get the Pending Updates message for the application that you have already upgraded and there is no ‘Update’ feature [only the ‘Open’ option is present] you should solve this bug. Take your iPhone or iPad in your hands.

Step 2. Look at the bottom. Do you see Top Charts, Feature or Updates in your iOS 9 App Store [here are direct iOS 9.2 download links in case you are searching for the most recent public mobile firmware for iPhone]?

Step 3. Tap on any of these tabs at the bottom.

Step 4. You can even tab multiple times to make sure force refresh option really updates your application.

Step 5. Some users report it takes them 10 attempts to fully refresh their App Store.

The bug with application updates should be fixed. If it repeats you’ll know what to do the next time you are not able to update the app because it’s already updated by you.

These are some fun iOS 8 and iOS 9 tips and tricks you can use when you come across the App Store issues on iPhone and other Apple devices. Has it helped you out?


iPhone Holiday Sales on App Store iOS 9 Applications

Are you looking for some interesting iPhone 6s discounts and offers for apps and games? Apple offers some great holiday sale on iOS 9 applications. You can download top programs for less and this is a limited time deal so check out the list of some of the best prices on popular iPhone additions.

As we reported earlier iTunes Connect will not be working till December 28th. This means that all the discounts can be enjoyed until this date.

iPhone 6s App Deals Holidays App Store

Best iPhone Holidays Sales on iOS 9 Apps

*If you need an app for taking notes you can download Drafts 4 that is available at $4.99 instead of $9.99.

*It is easy to scan and turn documents into PDF format with Scanner Pro tool that is offered at $0.99 while it used to cost $2.99.

*Users who are searching for iOS 9 journal tool can download Day One available at $0.99 and not $4.99 like it was previously.

*Do you need to edit images and photos? Download MaxCurve that is free right now.

*If you need to print any files right from iPhone you should get Printer Pro that costs $2.99 instead of $6.99 this holiday season.

*The best designed Fantastical 2 application is available with the discount at $2.99 and not $4.99. Apple awarded this tool the best 2015 Design award.

*Wish to track films and movies? Get MOVIST at $1.99. Don’t wait for the price to get back to $2.99.

*iPhone fans of iOS 9 mystery games can purchase Agent A at $0.99 and not pay $2.99 for it.

*If you like to solve puzzles and enjoy adventures you can download Broken Age game at $2.99 as its price would soon return to $4.99.

You should also visit the App Store and check if the games / apps you wished to download are available at the discounted price or not. You might be lucky to buy your favorite application at $0.99 or get it for free. Happy Holidays!