Some parking lots are so huge you can easily forget where you have parked your car. With iPhone Google Maps tips you can solve this problem within seconds because you can save your parkling spot via the iOS 10 app.

Save Parkling Location iPhone

There are two main categories of Apple fans in terms of Maps. Some users prefer the default Apple Maps applications and others enjoy the good old Google Maps program. The second application for iOS 10 platforms is good since it can mark your parking spot for you. You won’t have problems remembering where you left your vehicle anymore. The updated application for iOS 10 devices (you can also update to the most recent iOS 10.3 version or even wait for the next iOS 11 to be released) is really smart. It can do so many tasks and simplify your life. How to Save Parked Car using iPhone

How to Use Parked Car on iOS 10

Here is how you can quickly remember the place where you park a car: Step 1. Once you double check that you are running iOS 10 or 10.3 version you need to also upgrade to the most recent Google Maps program. It is easy to do: go to App Store on your smartphone and select Updates menu – Google Maps tools and upgrade. Step 2. Open the updated application. How to Save Parked Car Location on iPhone via Google Maps App Step 3. You’ll see a location dot. It is colored blue. Click on it. Step 4. You’ll see a new menu. How to Save Parked Car Location Step 5. Remember your parking location by clicking on Set. This is how your program will keep in mind this spot for the next 12 hours. Isn’t it awesome? iOS 10 iPhone Parked Location Saved

Download Google Maps Parking Location

Once you followed the instruction on how to save parking location on your iPhone or iPad you should also learn how you can download this information. Step 1. Launch the application with saved parking location on the handset. Saved Parking Location on iOS 10 iPhone Step 2. You’ll see the Saved Parking option at the lower part of the screen. Click on it. Download Google Maps Parking Spot Step 3. There will be ‘Download’ option you need to use. Step 4. That’s it however if you want to get to offline areas you need to choose menu – Offline areas feature.

How to Remove Parked Car on Google Maps

Use the iPhone Google Maps tips to also easily delete the location you saved earlier. Step 1.Once you learn how to mark your parking spot you need to also clear it when needed so launch Google Maps again. Step 2. Click on Saved Parking option. Delete Parking Location Spot on Google Maps iPhone Step 3. There is an option called ‘Clear’ which you have to click. Step 4. The saved parking spot will be successfully deleted. So now you can easily save your parked spots, download this information using your smartphone or tablet device [do this if you want to check the details while you are offline] and get rid of the old data. The saved location will be kept for 12 hours but this should be enough for most situations.