AnyBrowser Cydia Tweak

A Cydia Tweak called AnyBrowser appeared on the jailbreak store yesterday. Basically it allows you to open a web-browser (not Safari) from your lockscreen. If you often need to search something on the internet and you need it quickly, opening Safari on the iPhone may seem like a very long process – it needs to either unlock the screen, or close the current application and then tap on the icon of your browser. It is much more convenient if it would be a simple gesture to activate the browser, including a locked screen.

AnyBrowser Cydia Tweak

AnyBrowser Cydia Tweak Download

For this you need to crank out a new Cydia tweak AnyBrowser, which runs the browser with the help of Activator  gesture, installed in the settings (double-tap on the status bar or use of the volume keys). Unfortunately, AnyBrowser does not run Safari but its own browser with its own interface, which looks more like a simple pop-up window and not native iOS application.

However, the AnyBrowser app performs its main function – it opens a web page. In addition, it even supports the ability to open multiple tabs, but honestly you will need to switch between them you need to show your mad finger skillz and tap on the small circles at the bottom of the screen.

The another shortcoming of AnyBrowser is the inability to open the pages from it in the full Safari browser. By the way, if you don’t like the default Safari browser, don’t want to wait for the official iOS 6 release and want to try something more convenient and fast – you’re welcome to download free Google Chrome browser which I personally like much better than the native one.

AnyBrowser is available right now in the BigBoss repo for $ 0.99 – if the developer will build a further tweak, it can turn out to be a good setting for internet surfers.