App Store Cydia App Is Fake

Do you know you can download App Store Cydia app without jailbreaking your iPhone? No, actually you can’t. As the number of jailbroken devices grows higher and higher Cydia Store for jailbroken phones becomes more popular. The alternative App Store for jailbreak apps and tweaks is available for more than 300 million iDevices right now. Having such app right in the App Store would be just great, right? And the answer is no, again. And here’s the explanation why it is so.

As was reported by iDownloadblog a day earlier, a strange App named Cydia with an icon that reminds of saurik’s creation very much was available on the App Store. Its description said: “Cydia now in app store! Download and launch it right now!” The app promised you a possibility to enter the wonderful world of jailbreaking apps and tweaks for just $0.99. Obviously that was a fake as after installing it you launched a game where you need to control a moth and guide it to a small red apple.

The app is certainly a fake intended to mislead the people that aren’t familiar with jailbreaking basics, are in a rush or don’t speak English well. If you know what the jailbreaking is, then you know that none of the jailbreak apps would work by just downloading them from App Store. For those who aren’t aware – jailbreaking not only installs the original Cydia app by Jay Freeman aka saurik. Its main mission is to open the iDevice’s root file system and switch on the possibility to change, remove or delete them.

The app was already pulled from App Store for copyright issues. Don’t hope that Cupertino company protects saurik or something like that, they had to do so because “Cydia” is a registered trademark for app’s name of SaurikIT so the developer of the scammy app violated the copyright by naming his creation in that way. Sure, Jay Freeman can’t own the right for the word “Cydia” (that’s an apples-eating moth by the way), but he does own the copyright for the application’s name.

Update: Now you can install Cydia on iOS 6 after tethered jailbreak using Redsn0w 0.9.13dev1.

How do you think, wouldn’t it be cool to have such an App Store Cydia app assuming it’s technically possible? Would you even bother jailbreaking your device in that case? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below.