App Store Search Algorithm is to Change Soon

Apple is going to change App Store search algorithm significantly. After a year or two we will be able to witness an incredible event: the number of applications in the new App Store will exceed one million. Well, it’s good if you know what you need from there. But if you rely on “maybe”, then be prepared to drown in the search results, among which 90% of the proposals would be, frankly, worthless. Fortunately, such a sad predictions can become obsolete in the near future. At the very least, Apple is aware of the situation and tries to solve it now.


Most likely, these changes were implemented from the start-up team Chomp which Apple bought a few months ago for fabulous $ 200 million. Developers and publishers of applications in the App Store warn about changes in the mechanism of search results forming when searching for software and games. If this mechanism is estimated to first names and keywords in the application’s description, it is now equally important factor is the number of downloads. Automatic system for determining the program’s features also started to work. For example, the popular application Best Parking rose on the first line in the search engine rankings by such search inquiries like DC Parking or Chicago Parking, even though the store has other applications with these phrases as the keywords.

Founder of Xyologic company Matthews Kryzhovski approves the changes in the query processing search algorithm, pointing to the emergence of opportunities to identify possibilities and themes applications. Either way, Apple device owners win from any positive change in this area – curious users forced to look for flea gems in stacks of giant App Store.

What do you personally think of App Store search algorithm change? Is it vital for you or you don’t use it all only typing in the exact name of the app you want to download.