What Apple Has to Say About Masque Attack on iOS Devices

The cybersecurity company FireEye reported about iOS Masque Attack vulnerability in November assuring that there are third-party dangerous programs that can possibly replace native iOS apps from the App Store and even collect user’s personal information along with passwords.

According to Apple, iOS malware is nearly impossibly if users download apps and games from trusted sources, for example, from the App Store. Besides, the company says that it doesn’t know any consumer who has been affected by the malicious program called Masque Attack. It also asks users to be attentive and read all the warnings [if any are mentioned] while downloading apps.

Apple virus protection is strong on its firmwares as the Cupertino company has developed its iOS mobile operating system with built-in security safeguards, Apple notes. These safeguards always warn users before they install potentially dangerous programs and software.

While Apple is calm about the possibility of the malicious app to replace App Store programs on the iPhone and iPad, researchers still warn users about such an attack. You have to know about it as knowing about the possible danger is better than not knowing about one. Being aware of such malware-infected iOS apps is always good. Just pay attention at the programs you install on your iDevice and you’ll be protected.