Find Out If Your iOS Device Affected by Malware or Not

Learn how to check iOS for Virus if you have the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is either jailbroken or not and running the latest iOS 8 firmware version. This is important to protect your iOS from malware. Why would you need to know this and run the checker? Well, Apple reported that it is aware of the new WireLurker virus that infects iDevices. Even though it happens in China you better also follow this guide to make sure everything is ok with your particular smartphone or tablet device. This is must-use instruction for anyone who has both Mac and iPhone or iPad because the malware attacks handsets that are connected to Mac once in a while.

Is iOS affected by malware called WireLurker? This is probably the most asked questions these days because of the dangerous software that exists which is confirmed by the famous Cupertino-based tech company.

Here is How to Check iPhone for Virus

Step 1. Is my iPhone infected with a virus? Ask yourself this question and use iFile or SSH programs if you are already jailbroken.

Step 2. Just launch SSH or iFile app on the iPhone.

Step 3. Go to this destination /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries and take a look at the files you have there.

Step 4. Look for sfbase.dylib file. If you can’t find it you are good and not affected by the malware software. If you see this file, beware because you are infected.

Is my iPhone infected if I am not jailbroken? It’s currently hard to answer this question because SSH and iFile programs work on jailbroken iDevices only and show the files in hidden folders. Non-jailbroken users who live in China or travel to this country and connect to Mac via USB cable might be affected if they downloaded apps from third-party sources, according to Apple.