Apple Officially Launches Android Trade-in Program in U.S. Stores

Would you like to trade Android for iPhone 6? If you live in the U.S., the UK, France or Italy and have an Android smartphone you wish to exchange for the ‘fruit’ models iPhone 6 Plus, 6 or 5S you can visit Apple retail store and have it done. The company looks to have already launched its trade in Android for iPhone 6 program in several countries of the world.

The Cupertino-based giant now accepts non-iPhone gadgets [this was never available in the past] giving customers credits for the purchase of iOS smartphone. It is known that you can bring your Android, BlackBerry or Windows phone and purchase one of the three iPhone models instead. Your old handset should be in good condition and capable of powering on. It should also work in order to get the credit that becomes your personal discount.

The new deal might help Apple to boost its iPhone sales across the world. It was previously only possible to trade in an old iPhone for the new one, but from now on a lot of other brands participate in this program offering customers more choices.

It is believed that the same program will be soon launched in China. By the way, if you believe that Apple won’t pay you much for your Android device you can always sell it on eBay as a used smartphone and buy a new iPhone 6 on the money you’ll get. Why not?

Besides, you can easily transfer Android data to iPhone and preserve all your contacts, photos and other information to use on the iOS device.

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