Apple Presents New 14-Day Return Policy in Europe

The new Apple return policy in Europe has been announced by the Cupertino-based compay for a number of EU countries. All iPhone and iPad users who purchase apps, book, games and other things on App Store and iTunes will get the 14-day return policy.

Such opportunities were present years ago and then they were gone until now when the iOS giant has chosen some European countries to open them the same doors once again. All digital purchases that are made through the iOS stores offer a no-questions-asked two-week return policy. In other words, if you buy something through iBooks or other Apple store [any applications] you are able to return the app without questions and get your money back.

Right now this updated Apple iTunes return policy begins to work in the UK, Germany, France and Italy along with some other places. Previously the rules stated that a customer was able to get the charges back and withdraw from a purchase until the product has begun to be delivered.

The only exclusion mentioned in this European App Store return policy are gift cards. They are impossible to cancel and refund after you redeem your code. All other apps, games, books, tunes etc. can be refunded and such orders can be cancelled within the 14-day window.

The iPhone maker promises to refund any customer who cancels his or her order within the 14-days from the moment of cancellation.

Customers who live in the U.S. and Canada don’t have such a refund option. Their local policies remain the same.

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