Apple Released iOS 7.1.1 Update with Bug Fix for iOS 7.1 Gadgets

Even though iOS 7.1 release was meant to solve all the problems from iOS 7 firmware, this launch came with even more bugs. The new iOS 7.1.1 IPSW update is now expected to fix problems for iPhones and other Apple devices. Users keep an eye on iOS 7.1.1 download link as everyone who has lost jailbreak possibility after installing iOS 7.1 don’t risk anything while upgrading to the most recent version of this operating system.

The update will not be a major one thus it will not bring any huge changes to what we are already used to. Experts just believe that the new version of iOS firmware will come with positive iOS 7.1 bug fix solution for millions of user in different corners of the world.


Maybe it will contain further UI enhancement but most likely no new features.

What is pointing towards soon release of iOS 7.1.1? Experts say that lately more and more gadgets with this firmware visit their site. The growing amount of these visits lead to iOS upgrade in the past thus the similar situation is observed these days.

Why shouldn’t you wait for big changes in the upcoming release? The previous iOS 7.1 launch was major update to the firmware and it was introduced last month. Thus quick changes are impossible with Apple.

We will share the direct iOS 7.1.1 download link with you once it is available. Still first updates will be offered via OTA system.