Apple Watch Apple Logo Disappear Issue

The pretty expensive cost of the Apple Watch models caused a lot of customers ending up getting the most affordable Sport model. Everything looks pretty good even for this device until recently. Some original wearable owners complain about Apple Watch Apple logo disappear problem.

It’s not that great to own the original Apple device and see that it has no logo and text on the back that used to be there a couple of months ago. Pictures posted online show gadget with letters peeling off them. You can even see the metal underneath however this doesn’t seem to be a common problem for all Watch Sport users.

Apple Watch no Apple logo will be definitely a big issue for those users who might want to resell their wearable eventually. Customers who get pre-owned devices like to have the logo on the back as this is the guarantee that the smartwatch is original and not fake. Without the logo and with metal being exposed it might be impossible to resell the device.

Most complaints are from users who have the space gray Apple Watch Sport versions. There might be some gadgets with incorrect anodized backs that let lettering along with Apple logo to get unstuck. Right now we have no idea what could cause such peeling procedure to start.

Users have spoken with Apple support. It looks like Apple could replace such models at no additional cost and examine the issue. If the company finds the root of the bug it will be able to fix it and not repeat in the next generation Watch 2 release that is rumored to come next spring. The company is now testing WatchOS 2 firmware that could allow developers use wearable’s features in their applications.

Do you have any problems with your Watch, especially if you own the Sport model?