Can Apple Watch Be Used Without iPhone?

Apple Watch WiFi connection allows this wearable performing some tasks without being connected to other company’s devices. Some users keep asking ‘Can Apple Watch be used without iPhone?’ The answer is ‘yes, it can be’ because the iOS giant offers Bluetooth and WiFi support for its most personal gadget ever.

The official launch of the Watch is coming on Friday, April 24 with fixes to current bugs. A lot of users have already pre-ordered it and are impatiently waiting to see it in person, get acquainted with all the features and find out what tasks it can perform without being connected to the iPhone.

According to experts who have already looked closely at this product, it can use WiFi hotspots and perform a number of tasks on its own.

Apple Watch Bluetooth or WiFi Support: What It Can Do

Let’s see what exactly the wearable can do. Firstly, you can get and send text messages through WiFi. Secondly, you are able to receive or send drawings. Thirdly, you can ask Siri for help because the Watch is able to respond to all queries made to this personal assistant even if you haven’t connected it to your ‘fruit’ handset.

If you have both Watch and iPhone you can rely on the wearable in case the iPhone’s battery dies. It can be handy and useful to get both gadgets after all though the price of the smartwatch is biting.

You can also use either Apple Watch WiFi or Bluetooth to communicate with your mobile iDevice. Note that both of them have to use the same WiFi network.

The first time we’ve heard about the upcoming Watch was September of 2014. The Cupertino-based giant talked about this new product when it presented the iPhone 6 Plus and 6. This device can be now pre-ordered in the U.S., China, Canada, Australia, some more European and Asian countries.

It doesn’t work with all smartphones though. Only users who have iPhone 5 or newer version can make it work with Watch. iPhone 4S and earlier model owners are out of luck. Besides, you have to install iOS 8 or newere firmware as iOS 7 is not supported.