In Four Years AT&T Will Shutdown Its 2G Network

This Friday brought bad news for all owners of first generation as AT&T 2G network shutdown and you will have to upgrade your iPhone to a newer version.

2G wireless network was debuted in 90s and the cellphones were the first that used this digital technology for boosting call quality and network capacity. About six years ago the world met with 3G technology with higher data speed. However first-gen iPhone featured 2G in 2007. I think it was because it was only one year after the debut of 3G network.

At the same time there are rumors that new iPhone 5 will feature 4G technology. So far as 4G will use the same space on the airwaves as 2G, AT&T need to free that space for fourth generation network.

According to online edition of the World Street Journal, 12% of its customers use second generation network and it needs for years to shutdown 2G (by the end of 2016) and the process starts in New York city:

By shutting down 2G and using the same space on the airwaves for 4G, AT&T can increase data capacity by more than a hundred-fold. Data use is skyrocketing as people adopt smartphones, and the company is facing a “spectrum crunch” in some areas.

AT&T is not alone in this decision. Such company as Sprint Nextel also will shutdown their 2G network and forces their users to Sprint 3G.

And there is nothing strange in this decision. IT world is moving fast to the future. It must forget about the old technologies and give the way to the new ones. The same situation is waiting for 3G network as every coming year, I’m sure all smartphones developers will produce their devices with the ability to use 4G network.

There is no doubt that AT&T shutdown 2G network to free up spectrum for newer and faster technologies. So if your gadget support 2G network you need to upgrade it during 4 future years to not be overboard.

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