Block Ads on Safari iPhone with iOS 9

Apple never allowed users to block ads on Safari iPhone in a simple way until now. The famous Cupertino-based company finally decides it is time to bring Safari adblock extension options to its App Store. Developers get a chance to upload their solutions and help iDevice owners get rid of annoying advertisements while surfing the web on mobile iOS 9 platform.

The company is about to present new products for 2015 holiday season. Each year millions of ‘fruit’ fans buy iPhone and other popular iDevices as Christmas gifts. This year Apple is making is own gift to users even before the holidays. The company allows blocked ads on iPhone but it is not planning to offer its personal ad-blocker solution.

Instead, the Cupertino-based giant opens its App Store for all developers and teams who wish to bring their ad-blocker extensions to users. Even such an opportunity wasn’t available previously so this is an interesting step Apple is taking to attract more customers.

Using a third-party ad-blocker will stop advertisements from appearing on your Safari browser on iPhone and other ‘fruit’ devices. You will have no distracting content on your page. Everything will load faster and you’ll get more data for yourself plus your battery life will last longer.

As soon as iOS 9 is officially released – devs can add their ad-blockers to the App Store. You’ll be able to download the apps and block ads on Safari browser. About 20 percent of all users [around 200 million people from all over the world as noted by Pagefair study] who are surfing the web are already using ad-blockers on their computers. This percentage is less on mobile devices however the number of people who are frustrated with ads and wish to turn them off is pretty high.

Are you excited to use ad-blocker options on iOS 9 Safari?