How to Change Boot Logo on iPhone [Instruction]

Do you have a jailbroken iPhone and could you like to change iPhone boot logo? It is easy to customize your smartphone since there are a lot of tweaks on Cydia store. So which tool can you download in order to get a unique and nice-looking booting screen?

Different apps can provide you with the custom iPhone boot logo. BootLogoCustomizer is one of the latest titles available on Cydia. You can download it and use to get interesting and fun result. Apple doesn’t give users too many customization options so a lot of users prefer to jailbreak their handset and upload additional tools.

How to Change Boot Logo on iPhone

Step 1. Download the tweak from Cydia. It is not free so think twice before you decide to get BootLogoCustomizer. It costs $1 and can be downloaded on BigBoss repo. The program supports iOS 8 iPhone models.

Step 2. Install the program.

Step 3. Launch Settings and choose the new pane that appears after the new installation.

Step 4. Enable the tweak. You can always disable it from the same pane.

Step 5. Within the iOS 8 tweak’s settings you can also select the new color for your Apple boot logo. It is also possible to change the color of the booting screen background. The program offers either HEX code or color palette for adding the color option preferred by you. Remember to click on Apply Changes otherwise your customization won’t be saved.

Step 6. Let your iPhone to respring.

Step 7. Enjoy the fun new boot logo color and background changes.