Cool Tweak for iMessage iOS 8 with Typing Indicator

Have you not updated to iOS 8.4.1 which cannot be jailbroken at the moment? Are you still running iOS 8.4 or earlier firmware version on your iPhone and wish to find a stable and trusted iMessage iOS 8 tweaks? There is one interesting update you could pay attention to. It offers some extra options to your iDevice and supports 8 platform offered by Apple this year.

There is a long list of different tweaks for iMessage iOS 8 and other programs used on iPhone. Some of them offer more features, others come with less additions. One tool called TypeStatus is well-known already and this particular program was recently updated to offer improved performance and stability. It also fixes some previous issues.

The name of one of the Cydia tweaks for iMessage is TypeStatus 2. It used to be available only as private testing program until now. Developers think it is time to introduce the program to all users who are interested in customizing iMessage by adding new features to it. You can download the program from this repo: [beware of possible dangerous iOS 8 tweaks that could steal your iCloud password and emails].

Remember that you should not update any tweaks right now if you don’t want to lose your jailbreak. Apple no longer signs iOS 8.4 version and this makes it impossible to downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to 8.4 in case you experience a bug and are forced to be restored to the most recent mobile platform version offered by the giant.

Those users who give the tweak update a chance will be able to see the typing indicator when someone is typing you an iMessage. It will appear in your Status bar. You will also get notification when the recipient reads your message.

The tweaks offers no new features. It only improves everything it was capable of doing before this upgrade.