Checkout Another iOS 7 Concept Video With Animation Feature

While Apple’s developers actively create iOS 7, third-party designers offer their ideas for the new operating system like activ status bar. Of course, not all of them are feasible in Apple mobile devices, at least in terms of aesthetics and style. But iOS 7 animation feature looks great. And many of them amazing like iOS 7 toggles. However, sometimes in the web you can find some interesting ideas that could well make the company the standard features of iOS.

I offer to meet with the concept of iOS 7 created by YouTube user, iamthe6ixth, who presented his vision of a new Apple OS. The designer’s job is decent enough and contains a number of new ideas related to the organization of the home screen, system icons and the overall iOS interface.

One of the most interesting ideas in the concept is the iOS 7 active status bar. You can use this item not only to display system functions, but also to involve him directly in the operating system. For example, by tapping Wi-Fi, could be to use the wireless network operator name or turn on airplane mode, and iOS 7 clock allows to launch a standard application with an alarm.

Also pulling down the icons, you can read in the fast mode of receiving the notice. This may be a post office, the news from Facebook, tweets, text messages, game events, etc. If you do this operation with icons without badges, they are run in a “Flipcons” – a sort of quick preview content in applications, which is especially true for social services, like Flipboard and Airbnb.

Do you like this video and iOS 7 animation concept of status bar?

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