Avoid Factory Unlocked iPhone Being Relocked After iOS 8 Update

Factory IMEI iPhone unlock performed for devices that were running iOS 7 or lower seems to meet problems on the most recent iOS 8 that was launched by Apple in September 2014 and updated to version 8.1 [this is the latest version up-to-date]. There is once very important problem you must know about before you decide to install iOS 8 after factory unlocking. You must activate iPhone after unlock via WiFi otherwise you will also become relocked after updating to iOS 8 or 8.1. If you need to unlock iOS 8 iPhone than no problem and there is no need to follow steps below.

We’ll explain how to activate iPhone after unlock on iOS 7 to avoid being locked again. There is nothing complicated about this but you have to follow the step-by-step guide and not come across iOS 8 update iPhone relock issue.

iOS 8 is buggy and it truly can re-lock your iPhone making you order the factory unlock once again and pay twice for the service. We’ll save you money and share the detailed and correct iPhone activation after unlock instruction that will help you stay unlocked forever and never become relocked even after iOS 8 update.

Users who have already unlocked their iOS 7 iPhone by IMEI code and wish to install iOS 8:

Step 1. Once you got an email that confirms that your iOS 7 cell phone is permanently unlocked, you have to activate your new unlocked status.

Step 2. Do not activate / restore your iPhone via iTunes in this case. Use Wi-Fi iPhone activation guide instead.

Step 3. You have to find an active WiFi connection. It can be in your office or at home.

Step 4. Remove your original SIM card [of the carrier you are locked to] and insert any other SIM that was previously not supported.

Step 5. You will see the following message “Activation Required” and this is exactly what you need.

Step 6. Connect to your active WiFi network and iOS firmware will do the rest for you and activate your new status.

Step 7. Once you are activated you can install iOS 8 using WiFi or iTunes. You won’t have the relocked problem.

Users who are going to order iOS 7 iPhone factory IMEI unlock service:

Step 1. Install iOS 8 before you place your order for iPhone unlock. You can use iTunes update or WiFi update, but Wi-Fi update is much better to use in this case.

Step 2. Once you are running the new iOS 8 you can order factory unlock for your iPhone by submitting your IMEI code and email.

Important Notes: The company is not responsible for the iOS 8 bug and thus we do not offer refunds to customers who have already ordered factory IMEI unlock from us or are planning to order it in the future.


What Is Better: Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 7 or iOS 8 Update?

iOS 8 beta has been widely tested by developers and even some users have risked and updated to the beta 1, 2, 3 or 4 via iTunes and without a registered UDID number. Still there is one big question. iOS 7 jailbreak vs. iOS 8 update. What is better? Is it worth staying on the previous firmware with tons of tweaks and hacks or enjoy the new version that can’t be jailbroken at the moment?

There is a chance that hackers release jailbreak untethered for iOS 8 as soon as this operating system version becomes public which is expected in September 2014. This is a good situation and this way users can easily update and jailbreak their device waiting till all developers update their applications and games.

However, it might take hackers a couple of months or even half a year before they present jailbreak for this update firmware and thus you should decide whether you are going to wait or wish to stay on your previous OS version.

There are several untethered jailbreak tools for iOS 7. The latest news from Evad3rs team or Pangu team from China and p0sixspwn for earlier iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 make it possible to jailbreak this firmware with ease. You have a big choice of programs to use so this is not a problem to perform untethered jailbreak right now.

This gives you a huge selection of jailbreak apps, tweaks, hacks to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to customize and modify it.
At the same time, iOS 8 firmware brings a lot of new features and options not available in the original iOS 6 and 7. Some of these features used to be tweaks and will now become official which is great. For example, Apple has introduced better notifications, fast SMS respond, support for third-party keyboards etc.

ios 7 jailbreak vs ios 8

iOS 7 vs iOS 8

Are you eager to lose your jailbreak because of the upgrade to iOS 8? Have a native firmware with apps is surely better but updating to the newest operating system add innovative features which is also great.

If you decide to install iOS 8 you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Apple warranty isn’t voided
  • A lot of new features and options
  • Support by Apple
  • Security with iOS 8 activation lock
  • Nice usability

The problem with iOS 8 is it supports only several iPhones: iPhone 5S, 5c, 5, and 4S, iPod touch 5G and iPads: mini, Air, and 2, 3 and 4 models. It can’t be jailbroken yet.

If you prefer staying on iOS 7 you have these advantages:

  • A lot of great features
  • Tons of jailbreak tweaks once you jailbreak
  • Support for iPhone 4 which is not supported by iOS 8
  • A lot of games and programs not supported by Apple

It’s up to you to decide which firmware suits your desires when you look at iOS 8 vs. iOS 7 jailbreak.


iOS 7 Activation Lock Bypass Instruction for Users

Have you forgotten Apple ID and are you stuck with iOS 7 Activation Lock feature? Would you simply like to change the ID you are using for this option? This guide is created to help users who are searching for an easy-to-follow iOS 7 Activation error fix. These are must know tips that are useful to millions of Apple fans across the world.


How to Do Find My iPhone Activation Lock Bypass

To begin with , what Activation Lock is! It is a new characteristic that was launched with iOS7 in 2013. This is a path to Find my iPhone. Just download free Find My iPhone application and install it on your phone. Also check Find My iPhone is enabled on your iPhone. Activation lock helps us to trace a stolen or lost iPhone. Also you can see all your phone’s location on the map if you connect any Internet source. You can lock phone down if you want to protect your personal information that are stored on the iPhone. Activation lock prevents anyone to reactivate you device without entering your Apple ID and password. Person, who holds your Smartphone will have to enter the 4-digit code to unlock it. This is a great challenge for thieves.

Find  My iPhone Activation Lock Bypass


Users Experience Siri Not Talking Back Issue on iOS 7

This issue might not be common to everyone, but it appears to be faced by a number of users, according to Apple Support Forums thread. The first message about iPhone 5 iOS 7 Siri not working dates back to the fall of 2013.

Pamela Kinann complained that about Siri not talking after iOS 7 update. It simply didn’t respond even though everything was great on previous firmware version.

Siri not talking back problem was also mentioned by other people. Users who tooks their smartphones to Apple service center throughout 2013-2014 were out of luck as the company said it couldn’t fix everything for free because of the warranty expiration date.

iphone 5 ios 7 siri not working

Some problems with siri can be used through this guide however it won’t help you if your iOS 7 Siri stopped working right after update. Maybe this issue will be solved with iOS 8 update. This is the only most users who have the problem can hope for as they have no luck with Apple retail stores so far.

Users believe something might be wrong with iOS 7 firmware because even factory settings reset didn’t solve the issue.

One person, Lindipops shared a way how to fix Siri. It might work for you before iOS 8 is finally out in fall 2014. Siri didn’t respond, but once iPhone owner began to speak to this personal assistant it responded.

You can try this method. Just talk and if Siri still doesn’t respond, then just wait until major firmware update or buy the new iPhone.


How to Easily Search iPhone on iOS 7 with Jailbreak Cydia Tweak

There are a lot of various iOS 7 hacks and tweaks that are meant to make your iPhone so much better. For example, you can take a look at QuickScope iOS 7 jailbreak tweak available on Cydia that allows searching through your smartphone via commands.

This interface hack for iOS 7 platform is available at $1.50 [not all Cydia tweaks are free to download and use]. The options are added to your app switcher which shows a search window at your screen’s top when it is activated.

You can search your interface on iPhone through this bar or use some QuickScope commands that must be typed in. For instance, you can type “tweet” using a space before the word and a lot of other commands using the same method. You can see the full list of available commands by typing “ commands.”

This iOS 7 jailbreak app isn’t buggy as users say. It will remind you of spotlight. Here is how you are offered to hack your iPhone with QuickScope:

  • Type “ play” to listen to music on your iDevice.
  • Type “ facebook” to post something to this social network.
  • Type “ color” or “ theme” to play with colors within the application.
  • Type “ tweet” to write a quick tweet.
  • Type “ help” to get the guide how the application can be used.
  • Type “ commands” to see all the commands available.
  • Type “ movie-name ” with the space before and after the name of the movie to find something to watch on your gadget.

To add noted, you can type “ sticky,” and to find locations type “ nearby.”

Do you think such a hack is useful on iOS 7 devices?


Unlock for iPhone on iOS 7 with Free SAM Unlocking

Now, with the possibility to jailbreak your iOS 7 iPhone 4 / 4S on any current firmware version you can also unlock your device for free using SAM tool. Such iOS 7 iPhone unlock is available at no cost but it also has a list of requirements you have to meet in order to use it. Also you can legally unlock AT&T iPhone without problems for free or at the low cost.

Free iPhone unlock is truly possible as U.S. government has finally called iPhone unlocking a legal action. No one will be against it if you get free unlock for your iPhone, but this method described below can’t support all models, all basebands and all operating system versions.

SAM iOS 6 unlock

Sam is one of the grandfathered methods of unlocking. Its best part is its free cost. Its main disadvantage is the support for iPhone 4 and earlier models only. You cannot unlock iPhone 5S, 5c, and 5 with SAM because this tool was patched by Apple in spring 2012 when these models didn’t exist yet.

SAM supports iOS 7, 7.0.x and 7.1.x as all these firmwares can be jailbroken with Evasi0n or Pangu jailbreak. The first one is good for all 7.0.x versions and the latest Pangu program supports iOS 7.1, 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 releases.

SAM Unlock for iPhone on iOS 7 Requirements

It is not enough to jailbreak your smartphone. Without activation tickets you can do nothing, so first make sure you saved your SAM tickets back in spring 2012 otherwise you can’t use this free tool. You should also have your SIM card that you used to save SAM activation tickets. Other SIMs will not work.

  • SAM supports all iOS 7 basebands.

Note: In case you don’t have tickets or this method doesn’t work you can always try factory iPhone unlocking choosing from trusted services like:

  • http://www.att-iphone-unlock.com/ for AT&T iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS/3G
  • http://letsunlockiphone5.com/ fro other networks worldwide

iPhone Unlock SAM Method Guide

Step 1. Jailbreak iOS 7, 7.0.1 and up to 7.1.2 iPhone using one of these programs: Evasi0n or Pangu.


Step 2. Launch Cydia and get iFile.

install ifile for free 002

Step 3. You should also download Dropbox.

Step 4. Insert your original SIM that one you have used to save your SAM tickets a couple of years ago.

sam unlock activation tickets

Step 5. With iFile’s help navigate to /var/root/Library and click Edit.

Step 6. Choose Lockdown folder and backup through ZIP button. Save your new backup Lockdown folder as zipped file.

iPhone Activation lockdownd

Step 7. Delete your Lockdown folder.

Step 8. Launch Dropbox and find your recently created Lockdown folder that has your valid activation ticket. You should unzip it with iFile’s help and Unarchiver.

Step 9. Click Edit – Clipboard icon to copy your Lockdown folder.

Step 10. Open /var/root/Library, click Edit and click on your clipboard icon. Choose Paste and click Done.

Step 11. You should delete all your old SAMPrefs files [.plist files]. To see if there are any left on your smartphone, you can open /User/Library/Preferences and search for SAM.

SAM Unlock

Step 12. You are almost done. Reboot your handset and if everything was done correctly you can now insert different SIM cards with your device on iOS 7.


Best iOS 7 Hacks for iPhone 5 that Require No Jailbreak

There is no need to jailbreak if you wish to use iOS 7 iPhone hacks. Some features and options are available to everyone and this list of best iPhone hacks can help you get more out of your smartphone. All the tricks are simple and must know about.

Since these are best iOS 7 hacks you need to install this firmware. You are highly advised to use them because once Apple releases iOS 8, users will get new opportunities and new tweaks.

The Best iPhone Hacks with No Jailbreak

The first thing you should use more often is the easier and faster text input option. Just use Siri and it will write what you need and send it in the text message. This simple trick can speed up the process of writing messages. For example, you can launch Siri and ask it in plain English to send someone the text you’ll pronounce. It might not work perfectly from the first attempt but it will get much better with time.

The second iOS 7 hack for the iPhone 5 allows customizing your interface. For example, you can change the text size in applications, add a percentage to your battery icon, make bold letters, play with notifications etc. All the tweaks are available via Settings app. Change your settings and make the interface better.

The third best option that can improve your life is Spotlight Search which allows your handset across programs, mails, songs, contact list, games, and events etc. using specific words. This can save you much time.

There are a lot of others top iOS 7 hacks available to you without jailbreak. All the secrets, tips and tricks are in your firmware itself. You are able to views Safari tabs from your iDevice and desktop [if you are under the same name on all gadgets]. You can also block some people from your contacts list from calling and texting you. You can save money by making FaceTime calls as it is similar to Skype and allows free communication between app members.

Do more with your smartphone and look forward for new hacks that will come together with the official iOS 8 release.


How to Create iOS 7 Blank Icons on the iPhone Without Jailbreak

You can easily change app icon layout on your smartphone once you customize the iPhone 5. There are some great iOS 7 tips and tricks you can use and make things other users only dream of and even jailbreak to get.

It is possible to create iOS 7 blank icons if you use iEmpty application. Here is how you can change your Home screen and move apps with empty spaces between them.

iOS 7 Tips and Tricks: iEmpty Create Blank Icons 

Step 1. Enter the wiggle mode by clicking and holding your app icon. 
Step 2. Go to the last home page [with your background and without app icons] and create a screenshot by pressing Home and Power buttons at the same time.  
Step 3. Get back to normal mode. 
Step 4. Go to tooliphone.net website using Safari browser and select iEmpty app.  
Step 5. You will be forwarded to a new page where you can choose Customize option and Custom mode. 

Step 6. Click Select – Upload Photo to add the screenshot you created in step 2 [click Choose file – Choose existing photo – then find the last picture in your Camera Roll]. Click Upload Photo option to continue.

Step 7. Icons will be automatically generated for you. Select the icon position you’ll need, click on Share button and add it to your Home screen. It will be invisible.

Step 8. You can create more invisible icons and use them to locate your other icons on the Home screen the way you like using invisible ones in between them for more interesting layout.

The icons you created with iEmptry app are not truly invisible. They just get the look of your background and this is why it is important to take a screenshot of it for icons creation.


iPhone 4S / 5 iOS 7 – 7.0.4 Unlock After Jailbreak

There are many different methods for iOS 7 unlock for iPhone users. Some people prefer the permanent factory solutions and others are ok with iPhone unlock after jailbreak. One of the new methods released lately might be interesting to people who don’t want to order factory IMEI unlock. The method is introduced by Never Team who created two tools, Neter Pro and NeterNano.

Both methods are good for iPhone 5 unlock on iOS 7.0.4 and iPhone 4S unlock on iOS 7 different firmware versions up to 7.0.6. It supports all mobile operators but requires you to have a jailbroken smartphone. Make sure you also have an active GSM SIM otherwise the method won’t work.

How to Unlock iPhone on iOS 7

Attention: We didn’t try this method and didn’t purchase a chip. The best method is still factory unlocking.

Step 1. In order to unlock iOS 7.0.4 or other version of 7 firmware, you need to backup your handset and restore from it. Any program for this is good, including iCloud and iTunes.

Step 2. You should purchase the Neter chip and insert your SIM along with it.

Step 3. There will be a menu popping-up that allows choosing your iPhone carrier.

unlock ios 7.1 and jailbreak

Step 4. Don’t worry if your mobile operator is not on the list. Choose Other Carriers option and enter your operator’s code instead of “0123456” numbers.


Step 5. Turn off your smartphone.

Step 6. It is necessary to jailbreak your cell phone in order to use it. You can download the Evasion7 jailbreak that is untethered and free. Run the program to untether jailbreak your cell phone.

Step 7. Once Cydia appears on your home screen, open it and update pending applications.

Step 8. You can now go to Manage – Edit – Add to add the new source http://cydia.neterteam.com and access this repository.


Step 9. In the repo, choose your patch package and allow Cydia install it.


Step 10. Now insert any Sim card you wish to use with your new Neter chip that is inserted underneath your regular SIM and get the service.