CIA Made An Effort To Hack Apple Devices

CIA hack Apple devices spread all over news and shocked all users. Newly leaked documents reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency has been providing many-year effort to hack the Apple iPhones and iPads security.

They targeted the essential security keys that were used to encrypt data stored on Apple’s devices. The researchers have searched ways to prevent the company’s attempts to ensure iOS security to hundreds of millions of Apple customers around the world.

U.S. government-sponsored research was developed to study “physical” and “non-invasive” techniques to discover ways to decrypt and sink into Apple’s encrypted iOS firmware.

It gave the chance for spies to put malicious code inside Apple devices and find out all potential vulnerabilities different parts of the iPhone and iPad carefully masked them by encryption.

CIA security researchers introduced all their tactics and achievements at a secret annual meeting that is called the ‘Jamboree’. Strategies for exploiting security flaws in household and commercial electronics were discussed. The first secret meeting took place a year before the original iPhone was launched.

The agency has developed a modified version of Xcode. It is used almost by every developer that submit applications to the Apple App Store. Researchers states that this modified Xcode could force all iOS applications to send embedded data to a listening post. CIA researchers also modified the OS X updater program used to deliver software updates.

It was also rumors that companies give the government access to data on devices through a “back door” due to the CIA hack Apple devices fact. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke at a White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection protecting the company’s encryption usage. Cook has said that the threat of terrorism should not terrify citizens into giving up their privacy.