Compare Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire Display vs iPad Mini

iPad mini stands out among other small tablets on the market that are designed to provide experience in the use closer to a full-size tablet. If you compare iPad Mini vs Kindle fire and Nexus 7 you will see that it is better but it is not in all parameters, and we will talk about the screen. Moreover, the ratio of 4:3 provides a certain advantage from the existing ecosystem of applications for iPad.

However CEO of DisplayMate,¬†Soneyra Raymond, who is specializing in the diagnosis, testing and calibration of the display, after a detailed study came to the conclusion that the new Apple mini tablet will definitely lose to competitors on the screen. iPad mini display without Retina is worse. But that’s not the notorious density of pixels that actually critical for rendering text.

It is all about the color. iPad mini gamut of 62% is well below its major competitors – Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 the figure of which is 86%. The same situation is with reflective properties: iPad mini screen reflects 53% more natural light than the Nexus 7 and by 41% than the Kindle Fire and that is a major challenge for small mobile devices. Among the benefits of the iPad Mini LCD panel, DisplayMate experts identified highest factory calibration.

The iPad mini display does not fit into the tradition of Apple that uses¬†the most first-class display in their products, it’s just very decent screen. The results of the tests showed that the problem was due to induced technological and financial constraints and due to a direct result of poor decisions and compromises.

In fairness it should be noted that the iPad mini screen size comes with a diagonal of 7.9 and Nexus 7 or Kindle fire feature almost an inch smaller screens , just 7 inches. This advantage of Apple novelty provides viewing area to be 35% higher compared to the other devices.

In addition, the thickness of the frame on both sides of the iPad mini display has been reduced, thereby reducing the width of the device. Overall iPad Mini dimensions are only 13% higher than the Google Nexus 7, while the display area by 35% more.

So, what do you think: who wins iPad Mini display vs Kindle fire and Nexus 7?