Details on iPhone 5S Camera: Rumors and Expectations

The iPhone 5S release date is expected in the fall. Some experts think it should appear on the shelves on September 20th, others believe it might be launched in late September or early October. Some predictions mention the smartphone’s camera.

What may be presented to Apple customers in September or October? Will the next iOS device be better than the current iPhone 5 camera? We don’t know much about its design and features but we will tell you about its camera.

iPhone 5S Camera

iPhone 5S Camera Specs

Based on rumors, we might expect an updated iOS handset with a better camera options. The Cupertino-based company might offer its consumers a 12-megapixel camera in the next iPhone. It might also offer HDR photography and enhanced low-light capabilities.

It is believed that the problem known as “purple fringing” that was discovered in iPhone 5 should be fixed in iPhone 5S release. The device’s camera will be redesigned in the way to solve this issue a lot of users complained about so much.

Hopefully these are not just predictions and we will truly see an updated “S” model with amazing updates for camera hardware. I am sure that not only photographers but ordinary users will be glad if they can take nice pictures with their iPhone camera.

Camera in iPhone 5S

If you remember, the iPhone 5 was very similar to the 4S device. It improved the speed for capturing images but didn’t fix other problems. iPhone 5S rumors can tell us on what we could see in the future.

Hopefully, this time it will be different and not many people will say they hate iOS smartphone as it was with the 5 line users who didn’t like Map apps, camera capabilities and handset’s design.

What would you like Apple to bring with the smartphone update? What features do you think its camera should offer customers?