Use Direct Links to Download iOS 7.0.4 IPSW Files for Supported Devices

Apple has just issued a next minor update of its mobile operating system. you can download iOS 7.0.4 to fix bugs and improve stability when working on older devices.

The update is available for any iOS 7 compatible device: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 , iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 , iPad Air, iPad 4 , iPad 3 , iPad 2 , iPad mini, iPad mini 2 and iPod Touch 5g. You can go to the Settings application -> General -> software Update.

download ios 7.0.4 firmware

Along with bug fixes and improved stability, iOS 7.0.4 fixes an issue that sometimes does not allow users to make calls via FaceTime.

Also, iOS 7.0.4 can be installed using iTunes and clicking the Update button. To perform a clean installation just  click the Restore button in iTunes, but first download iOS 7.0.4 the appropriate firmware file here below:

Users who are expected the untethered jailbreak iOS 7, we recommend you refrain from this update if your device is still running iOS 6.1.2 and lower. Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 is expected as well.

However, the size of update is 37.6 MB and rather unexpected new launch assembly suggest that build likely relates to the so-called intermediate versions that do not carry a drastic change. In particular, these include released in late October version of iOS 7.0.3.