Unlock Your iPhone After Restoring To Factory Settings and Activating with Original Carrier

It would seem that it may be nothing easier than restoring iPhone from iTunes. This post I will dedicate to this topic. And so, in this article I’ll describe the processes of restoration and renovation of any iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) to iOS 6.1.2 and without updating to iOS 6.1.3 in the future to keep jailbreak.

The main aim of restoring iOS device is reset it to factory settings with the iOS upgrade. The difference between updating and restoration is when you restore the device to factory settings” (clean system), all user data will be deleted. So you need to backup device before the process.

If your device is jailbroken and running iOS 6.1.2 and you need restore but don’t want to lose jailbreak you can use iLEX RAT to restore iPhone and keep evasi0n jailbreak.

Recovery is usually carried out at:

  • Software failure on iPhone or other iOS devices;
  • In order to install the latest software;
  • Restore without update;
  • iPhone status bar shows No Service (you can also use this link to fix it because restoring is not always necessary);
  • To create a “clean system”. This is perfect for jailbreak and factory unlock. As to official unlock in iTunes you will need also to activate iPhone with original carrier to avoid activation problems after factory unlock which is very important in this situation.


NEVER update jailbroken devices! Often, this leads to “Connect your device to iTunes” issue (Recovery Mode, iTunes icon on the screen). Jailbroken devices should restore from DFU Mode. First enter DFU mode and only then begin the process in iTunes.

NEVER restore or update to the official iOS firmware the locked iPhone that unlocked by Gevey Sim or Ultrasn0w tool. Because these unlocks depend on the baseband version. You can read the post on how to unlock iOS 6.1.2 baseband.

If you are doing restore to finish factory IMEI unlock you need to insert non-supported Sim card in iPhone first.

BEFORE we start back up your device in iTunes or using iCloud.

restore iphone to factory settings

How to Restore iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch From iTunes

1. Using Normal Mode.

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2. Download the latest official firmware for your device. (Currently it is iOS 6.1.2 firmware).

Step 3. Connect your iPhone in the run mode to the computer and launch iTunes.

Step 4. Select your device.

Step 5. Now choose to Backup your iPhone to not loose your data like photos, songs, docs, etc.

Step 6. Holding the Shift key on your keyboard, click the Restore button (for Mac, press Alt + Restore).

Step 7. In the window that appears, select the IPSW firmware loaded in step 2 and click Open.

The restore process begins so don’t interrupt the process and wait for the end.

Attention: If you restore iPhone to complete factory unlocking process select Setup as a new in iTunes. If it is already unlocked you can choose restore from a backup you did before.

2. Using DFU mode [Recovery]

Step 1. Download and install iTunes.

Step 2. Download the latest official firmware (IPSW-file) for your device.

Step 3. Enter DFU mode and run iTunes.

Step 4. Click Shift + Restore for Windows (for Mac Alt + Restore).

Step 5. Select the firmware loaded in 2.2 and click Open. The restore process begins.

Restore iPhone to Factory Settings Without Updating Software

If your iPhone is not jailbroken you restore iPhone without iOS updating. To do it just go to Settings => General => Reset => Erase Contant and Settings.

But if your iPhone is jailbroken this method will not work,  you’ll get stuck on the Apple logo and have to use iTunes to restore it.

How to Update iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

There is nothing easiest than that. Or click update button in iTunes, specially do it for iOS 6.1.2 evasi0n jailbreak or go to Settings – General – Software update.

How to Unlock iPhone After Restore or Update

If you restored or updated iPhone and preserved, then you can use tool you used before (Ultrasn0w or Gevey or any other solution that relies on the baseband).

But if you didn’t preserve the baseband you can choose factory unlock for your device. First you need to activate your iPhone with Sim card of the carrier your iPhone is locked and only then you can use IMEI unlocking service.

This method works on all devices and you can try the service for AT&T iPhone for $9.99 or find your carrier using the service for international carriers that is cheap as well.

I hope this tutorial was useful for all iPhone users. Also you can use this guide for all times and all version if nothing change.