Use iLEX RAT App To Restore Jailbroken iPhone And Keep iOS 6.1.2 Without Updating

There are many users who have one question: ” Can we restore jailbroken iPhone without updating iOS 6.1.2 and keep evasi0n jailbreak?” Here you will get the answer on how to perform it without iTunes.

Last week we told you about a new promising development of SemiRestore. The application will restore a jailbroken iPhone or iPad to the firmware that is currently installed on the machine. For those who are waiting for the release of SemiRestore, there is good news. Just use using iLEX RAT to clean the device from all the tweaks and third-party applications that slow down its work and functionality.

restore iphone without updating

If your iPhone is officially and permanently unlocked iLEX RAT app is the best to keep evasi0n jailbreak on iOS 6.1.2. But don’t forget that you can also restore your iPhone unlocked with hardware/software unlock. No worries about baseband update and save Gevey, ultrasn0w unlocking tools alive.

iLEX RAT is a free package available in Cydia and it allows you to “refresh” the device, saving the currently installed firmware version. If you are running jailbroken iPhone on iOS 6.1.2 you can restore it to factory settings and keep not only jailobreak but also 6.1.2. It does not require any SHSH-APTicket-signatures or hashes. Using it is perfect to remove all the excess from the machine, keeping the jailbreak. You can download iLEX RAT right now!

How to Restore Jailbroken iPhone and iPad Without Updating

Step 1. iLEX RAT available in Cydia from a single repository:

Just open Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add, specify the address of the repository above and find through search iLEX RAT.

restore jailbroken iphone

download terminal

install iLEX RAT

Step 2. After installing iLEX RAT you will not see any visual changes on the device. The second step is install the MobileTerminal from Cydia. It will manage the functionality of the tweak. MobileTerminal is a standard repository of BigBoss repo and yo can get it just going to Search and typing MobileTerminal.

restore iphone

Step 3. Launch Terminal on iOS-device and run the command rat.

update iphone and keep old ios

The Terminal will offer you twelve different options for working with iLEX RAT, including the complete restore of jailbroken device.

Step 4. Type 12 and press Enter (Return).

cydia tweak

Note: Remember that iLEX RAT will erase all your settings and content including contacts; photos, videos, apps and other stuff. So you better backup iPhone in iCloud or iTunes before the start.

ilex rat restore

Step 5. You will see numerous notifications of completion of commands on the iPhone and iPad. A few minutes later, the program prompts you to restart the device. Click on the Reboot button to complete restore of iPhone or iPad, and then go through the initial configuration of iOS.

After restarting you will see that your iPhone was successfully restored to factory settings while keeping jailbreak and working Cydia and still running on iOS 6.1.2 as mine.