Downgrade iOS 9 To iOS 8.3 Helpful Guide

It can happen that you will need to downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8 for some reasons then this guide will really help you to do it very quickly.

Apple claims that it’s not possible to downgrade an iOS beta firmware, but thankfully, that’s never been exactly true. So if you have already upgraded your device to iOS 9, now regret about it and want to downgrade to iOS 8.3 this guide will help you to do it in few minutes.

Important notes:

Note 1. This downgrade process will work until Apple closes iOS 8.3 signing window. To check the signing status of iOS 8.3, please visit

Note 2. Another this is that you won’t be able to use your Apple Watch if you upgraded it to watchOS 2, and downgrade to iOS 8.3. watchOS 2 requires a paired iPhone running iOS 9.

How To Downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3 version

Step 1. First you need to connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes

Step 2. Next turn off Find My iPhone navigating to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone

Step 3. Place your device into DFU mode: Hold Home + Sleep button for 12 seconds, and release Sleep button while continuing to hold Home. Once you are in DFU mode, iTunes should show a notification indicating so. Tap OK.

Step 4. Tap Restore iPhone followed by Restore and Update

As you see the downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8 process is simple. So if you don’t already have the iOS 8.3 firmware on your local machine, iTunes will download it prior to updating. Otherwise, the restore process will start and you’ll be back on iOS 8.3 in one second.