Download iOS 9.2 Beta 4 ipsw for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [Direct Links]

Apple offers iOS 9.2 beta 4 release and not only public beta testers and registered developers can install this firmware but also ordinary users who don’t participate in these programs. There are direct ipsw links you can use for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Why would you like to install the upgrade? Aren’t you curious to see what changes are to come soon?

Of course, you can download iOS 9.2 beta 4 ipsw only if you like to take risks. It is probably better to either register with Apple Dev Program or participate in the free Public Beta Testing option Apple unveiled this year for the first time in its history. If you are not a fan of various registrations but still want to run the beta version under build code 13C5075 – you can take a risk and download it using our links.

Download iOS 9.2 Beta 4 ipsw direct links iPhone iPad iPod touch

Remember to backup prior to update. You’ll have to install your ipsw file manually through iTunes. Also remember that this is beta release so it can be buggy, not support your favorite apps and even not work once in a while. The official iOS 9.2 will arrive sometime this or next year.

Direct Download iOS 9.2 13c5075 or 13c75 ipsw

iOS 9.2 beta 4 ipsw download for iPhone users

iPhone 4[S] – Model A1387, A1431

iPhone 5 (GSM) – Model A1428

iPhone 5 (Global) – Model A1429, A1442

iPhone 5c (GSM) – Model A1456, A1532

iPhone 5c (Global) – Model A1507, A1516, A15261, A1529

iPhone 5s (GSM) – Model A1453, A1533

iPhone 5s (Global) – Model A1457, A15181, A15281, A1530

iPhone 6 Plus – Model A1522, A1524

iPhone 6 – Model A1549, A1586

iPhone 6S – Model A1633, A1688, A1691, A1700

iPhone 6S Plus – Model A1634, A1687, A1690, A1699

Download iOS 9.2 beta 4 for iPod touch

iPod touch 5 – Models A1421 and A1509

iPod touch 6 – Model A1574

iOS 9.2 beta 4 update for iPad [ipsw file direct download links]

iPad 2 (GSM) – Model A1396

iPad 2 (CDMA) – Model A1397

iPad 2 (Mid 2012) – A1395

iPad Mini (WiFi) – Model A1432

iPad Mini (GSM) – Model A1454

iPad Mini (Global) – Model A1455

iPad 3 (WiFi) – Model A1416

iPad 3 (CDMA) – Model A1403

iPad 3 (GSM) – Model A1430

iPad 4 (WiFi) – Model A1458

iPad 4 (GSM) – Model A1459

iPad 4 (Global) – Model A1460

iPad Air (WiFi) – Model A1474

iPad Air (Cellular) – Model A1475

iPad Air (China) – Model A1476

iPad Mini 2 (WiFi) – Model A1489

iPad Mini 2 (Cellular) – Model A1490

iPad Mini 2 (China) – Model A1491

iPad Mini 3 (WiFi) – Model A1599

iPad Mini 3 (Cellular) – Model A1600

iPad Mini 3 (China) – Model A1601

iPad Mini 4 (WiFi) – Model A1538

iPad Mini 4 (Cellular) – Model A1550

iPad Air 2 (WiFi) – Model A1566

iPad Air 2 (Cellular) – Model A1567

iPad Pro (WiFi) – Model A1584

iPad Pro (Cellular) – Model A1652

The latest release should fix some previous problems ad improve Safari and some other parts of the system. Apple also offers AT&T NumberSync option support in its iOS 9.2 – this way you can answer your iPhone calls through iPad or Mac.