Download iTunes 12.1.1 Update with Some Changes

All Mac users got iTunes 12.1 update for OS X earlier in 2015, and now it’s time for Windows users to download iTunes 12.1.1 update offered by Apple in the middle of February. The iOS giant improves its desktop program and fixes some previous bugs.

Where is iTunes 12.1.1 free download available? Just launch this program and you will be offered to upgrade to the latest version. Apple is only rolling out this update so don’t worry if you can’t enjoy this latest release right away. Wait for a while and you will definitely get a chance to update at no cost.

What does the new 12.1.1 version of iTunes offer iPhone 6 iOS 8.1.3 users and other people who have an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone? PC owners can smile as a lot of fixes are coming. For example, the problem with Outlook syncing should be gone, audio playback option must be improved and other issues with audio have to be solved.

iPhone and iPad users who are using Outlook will be able to sync without headache. Besides, Apple promises that screen readers will be offered better compatibility which sounds fun.

Have you updated to the new version by now? Are you planning to download iTunes 12.1.1 or would you prefer staying on the previous release?