TinyUmbrella 5.11.00b Allows You To Save SHSH blobs of iOS 5.1.1 | Download

Download TinyUmbrella 5.11.00b is very important step in using iPhone or iPad. You can easily save SHSH blobs of iOS 5.1.1 and use it for future downgrade.

It is not a secret that the main difference between every updated iOS is that there is a lot of information that changes. A lot of files are changed during updates and there arise a need to have files of lower iOS version for downgrade, for example.

As I began talking about iOS downgrade then a topic would be about SHSH blobs and TinyUmbrella 5.11.00b that would be needed to save SHSH blobs. Also you can use this link to backup blobs using  iSHSit.

TiniUmbrella has been recently updated to 5.11.00b which means that you can use this tool to save SHSH blobs of iOS 5.1.1.

download tinyumbrella 5.11.00b

It is very important step. Let us suppose that untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 came and in the near future the World would see iOS 6 (or iOS 5.1.2..?). As a result no jailbreak and no unlock for iOS 6 you will not see some time. So you may think that you can downgrade iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1. You know that you saved the SHSH blobs of iOS 5.1.1 and had all that you need for downgrade.

That’s why I give you possibility to download TinyUmbrella and save blobs for the future. All you need is just use direct links foe Windows and Mac.

Download TinyUmbrella from the Direct Links

  • TinyUmbrella 5.11.00b for Windows
  • TinyUmbrella 5.11.00b for Mac

Update: Detailed tutorial guide on how to save iOS 5.1.1 SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella 5.11.00b is ready.

So now when you have it I tell you in two words what really TinyUmbrella is. This tool consists of two parts – TinyTSS and Umbrella:

  • Umbrella – This tool only does the identical test request that iTunes performs throughout an iPhone or iPad restore. The actual difference is it preserves the outcomes in one shsh file. This file provides you with the option, to restore back in a old firmware consistently
  • TinyTSS – is a tiny java application that functions as the personal signature service.When iTunes confirms your restore for your iGadget, it ‘phones home’ to determine if you are eligible to restore to the version you’re getting. With TinyTSS + the shsh blob file(s) you received with Umbrella, it is possible to restore to the version of the shsh files permanently!
  • TinyUmbrella – mix the two tools mentioned.

I hope this post was useful for you. Stay tuned with us for more updates.