An Efficient Way to Double iPhone Battery from MIT

iPhone users often complain that their smartphones quickly overheat or their battery life rapidly drains when they are watching or downloading videos, exchanging big files or performing other tasks and the thought to increase the life of the battery haunts you. It happens because power amplifiers built into handsets are wasting over 65% of their energy, just like with power amplifiers that eat much electricity while turning it into radio signal. Thus iDevice owners have to charge their gadgets move than twice a day.

There soon will be a product that will increase iPhone battery life. Learn more about this innovation. Long ago we wrote you about how to improve battery life of iPhone 4 and now we will talk about iPhone 5 and all other models.

iPhone 5  Chips

A Solution to the Problem

The problem with hardware wasting electricity is a global problem. After testing iPhone 5 battery performance the situation looks not good. And professors from Eta Devices assure they can solve it at least partly with their design of an amplifier. Right now the invention by David Perreault and Joel Dawson [the MIT firm is located in Massachusetts] is a laboratory-bench product which might appear in the markets starting next year.

This invention might be an awesome breakthrough since it will allow handset holders using half the power of their battery and avoid overheating problem. It will be used in LTE base stations in 2013, and as scientists believe this will cut the energy used by them by half. The version of this product for the chip that is still being developed might double the iPhone battery life.

The new handset chip will lead to a power amplifier that will be capable of handling various frequencies by GSM, CDMA and 4G LTE networks. Right now the latest iPhone 5 uses five chips that consume much power.

Improved Efficiency

Modern amplifiers allow getting up to 35% efficiency, according to Vanu’s founder Vanu Bose. If MIT professors are able to really increase iPhone battery life [double it], it will be amazing since there has been no major advance in this field for years.

Right now the more information users are trying to send, the more energy they consume and waste. And you can see that modern community uses much data and iPhones just like many other smartphones become warm or overheat.

The new technology should be able to select among various voltages and send the ones across the transistor that can minimize the consumption of power and boost iPhone battery life in the future. The product [known as fast electronic gearbox] that is now tested in labs will be presented in Spain in February 2013.

Would you like to double the iPhone battery life? Hopefully it will soon be possible and our handsets will become thinner and lighter as their batteries will be smaller and more powerful.

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