How To Make Google Chrome As A Default Browser on iPhone

Use this tutorial guide to enable Google Chrome as a default browser on iPhone or other iOS gadget and enjoy it on your device during the internet browsing. You can do it using BrowserChoser jailbreak tweak from Cydia.

If you prefer to use browser from Google you can download Google Chrome app on your iOS device and use it for free! However here I’ll show you how to make Google Chrome as iPhone default browser if you have a need or wish to do that but don’t know how. Also this guide is good for iPad and iPod Touch users as well.

Apple made Safari as a default browser and didn’t allow to open links automatically on others. But jailbreak app developer known as @rpetrich has recently released Cydia tweak called BrowserChoser and it helps you to make any browser as a main browser on iPhone and iPad. Just follow my steps and you’ll be fine.

How to Set Google Chrome As iPhone Default Browser

Step 1. First you need to jailbreak iPhone to get Cydia.

Step 2. Open Cydia and go to Manage => Sources => Edit => Add this repo:

Step 3. After downloading repo go to Cydia => Search.

Step 4. Now type BrowserChooser in the search field.

Step 5. As soon as you find it click Install and Confirm.

Step 6. Wait till the end of installation process and click Restart Springboard to refresh your iPhone.

Step 7. Go to Setting on your iPhone and find BrowserChooser => Settings.

Step 8. After you enter BrowserChooser’s Settings you will see Default Browser where will be browsers which are available on your device. So choose yours.

And that is all you should do. This cool jailbreak tweak was created specially for Chrome admires after release of this iOS app. If you are that one use BrowserChooser to enable Google Chrome as a default browser on iPhone or other gadget as iPad or iPod Touch and open links on twitter, facebook and email in your preferred browser.

Update: Improve Google Chrome performance on iPhone using different Cydia app.